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Nicholas Hoult
levimike was written on February 4, 2010

At the beach, and again in George's home

Among the ending credits for both Nicholas and Colin are those for stunt doubles, but for the character 'Kenny' which Nicholas plays,there's a credit for a body double as well.

Mattg was written on October 1, 2009

Hot young bubble butt twice

Nicholas Hoult has grown up to be a total gay man's dreamboat! Oh, those gorgeous blue eyes. Thank you to Tom Ford for hiring him for this hot part as a partially closeted student. Near the end, Hoult and Colin Firth go to the beach for some skinny dipping. Afterwards, we get a lovely look at Nicholas' bare bubble butt as he walks away from the water, towel in hand. Later back at Firth's place, he strips in front of Firth as he prepares to take a shower to warm up and we get another delightful look at his 19-year-old behind. Mmmmm....very sweet. The whole movie is incredibly gorgeous to look at, and Nicholas's youthful beauty adds considerably.

Matthew Goode
Mattg was written on October 1, 2009

Side nudity close-up in B&W photograph

Matthew Goode is so cute in this movie, and we get a couple of very good looks at a B&W photograph owned by Colin Firth's character of Goode naked lying back on a beach. Very nice looks at his naked hip/side, he's clearly naked and we can see a bit of pubes. The camera's close-up is generous so it deserves a mention here. Sadly this is all we see naked of Mr. Goode in this movie.

Colin Firth
Mattg was written on October 1, 2009

Nude man under water...plus maybe more at beach

I heard the naked man floating under the water during the film's opening, seen often in flashback, is a body double, but any event it's supposed to symbolize Colin Firth's character's emotional state of mind. We do appear to see Colin's face under water, but it could be trick photography. But in any event, we do get very nice close-ups of this naked dude's fine bubble butt and naked hips, but no frontal. The body did look considerably younger than Firth's 48 years, but it's nice to think the naked body belongs to Firth. Later, he frolics and swims naked with Nicholas Hoult's character on the beach at night. I can't remember if we see Colin's butt in this scene too, it was dark after all...

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