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Momo Juniper Hurley
Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

Momo's solo scene

Around 1:37, Momo pulls down her top and does a "pro" version of self-loving. The scene jumps to afterward, and Momo stands, her body now covered with a sheen, though she is wearing her panties again by this time. Several well-lit views of her perky breasts, though the view was obscured from time to time by intentional blurring and camera positioning.

Ashley Hinshaw
Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

Photo shoot introduction

At around 16 minutes in, Ashley does a nude photo shoot. She pulls off her top under photo lighting. Her pendulous breasts make a very clear entrance, and are seen periodically for the next minute of the scene.

Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

Next shoot

Around 42 minutes in, Ashley is topless again for her second nude shoot. She mainly just stands in her panties for twenty seconds, then switches to a shot of her on her back, soft-focus, for twenty seconds of implied (but unseen) solo-time where her breasts come into focus periodically. Altogether, well-lit, and great views of her breasts, but that's it.

Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

Ashley gets her man. Well, another man, anyway.

Around 1:22, Ashley is on bottom in her first boy-girl scene. Guy's wearing pants, she's wearing a corset, so...definitely a softcore view of things. The guy unzips her corset and practically yanks it open, giving a brief view of her breasts, which blurs, leaving the view through the camera's feed. The camera switches back and forth between the sex scene and a conversation with James Franco. The views of Ashley's body are nice, but only above the bikini line. Four minutes of a mix excellent, well-lit views, and artfully kept from showing anything but her chest.

Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

Hey look, a shower sce....huh?

Around 1:26, Ashley has one of the least-revealing shower scenes ever. The camera stays above-nipples for the most part, except when it pans down a bit, while her arms are pressed over her breasts. Fitting, given her character's tragedy at the time, but also quite a tease. Well-lit, but nothing really seen for the under-a-minute scene.

Diane Farr
Stevarooni was written on January 25, 2014

In the kitchen, with Heather Graham, with gusto

Around 1:14 in, Diane forces Heather Graham to her knees in front of her and pulls down her own pants. Sans panties, Diane's muscular butt is seen, as is a distant, possible shot of (lack of) bush. Lighting is dim, the views of her bush are clear, but she does have a very striking ass. Maybe 1/2 a minute before she gets on top of Heather on the kitchen floor and neither has visible nudity.

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