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Demi Moore
playboyking was written on July 8, 2002


0:51 into movie, Buns and breasts in bed with Lowe, arching her back, then lying in bed when he rols off her
0:52 into movie, Breasts and buns in kitchen with Lowe

nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002

Totally nude

After her and Rob have sex they go to the kitchen.As Demi goes into the kitchen you can see her ASS,TITS,and BUSH!I would have given it four stars,but the lighting was a little dim.

stampact was written on November 29, 2001

bedroom and kitchen

This is the only one of Demi's early films I've finally watched. You really see a good part of her body in the bedroom and kitchen scenes. She has a nice butt, but lacks the main feminine parts(her breasts are quite small here) and better overall physique of future movies. Make sure you look very closely when she's walking both to and from the refrigerator so you don't miss the glimpses of her bush.

Gordon was written on January 8, 2000

Couple of sex scenes

Demi has sex with a guy in a bedroom, and you get to see her body. She has a nice butt and legs, but her breasts are small (this is before her implants) and she's not as toned as in later movies. The tub sex scene is enjoyable because you get to see and hear Demi climax.

Texasmovieman was written on January 9, 2007

roling around in bed

This is pre-silicone but she was very Hot then and still very hot now. she shows it all even thought there is not much to show tit wise. Do not mean bush is shown

kingman333 was written on August 26, 1999

Love scenes

During a love scene with Rob Lowe, Demi gets totally naked and we see quite a bit of her butt and small breasts(before implants). If you look hard you might can see her vagina, though its basically covered by darkness. You see more of Demi here than in Striptease, and thats saying something.

aubear was written on July 17, 2000

Moore and Lowe share a bed

The first time I watched this movie it was because another actress that I had the hots for was in it and I hoped to see her naked which didn't happen. I barely noticed Miss Moore but then one day I became enamored with Demi and watched all of her old movies again. This was my favorite and still is today.
I guess I have always preferred smaller breasts but it is actually the nipples on them that do the trick and demi was dealt an ace.
I'd advise any tiny t-man to give this movie a look, they won't regret it and will forever be a Demi-man.
One last thing I'd like to add is that only the man upstairs knows why Miss Moore has such low self-esteem but I think it makes her even sexier though if I could I'd cure it just to see if confidence really is better.

gringo69 was written on September 15, 2001

Smaller breats than Striptease

Her breasts may be smaller in this movie but better. She really should have stayed this size.

axl was written on September 30, 1999

sex with Lowe

Years before Demi got implants(although she denies it)she went nude in this movie.She is nude having sex in the bathtub,amongst other places,with Rob Lowe.Good scene in the kitchen where if you look really close you see a little muff.

Jules was written on October 23, 1998

Rolling around with Rob Lowe

This is from before Demi had her implants. It involves a hot and heavy sex scene with Rob Lowe. You see both their butts and Demi's small breasts are seen on several occasions. They then get up and walk around the dark house nude, hidden only by the shadows. When they open the fridge door Demi's breasts are clearly seen and Rob's cock peaks out for a mili-second, its quite a good size. As Demi walks across the kitchen, if you squint, you can just make out some bush.

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Kitchen Scene

Demi is one of the prettiest woman in Hollywood, breast implants or not. Personally, I don't like her implants. I think she went too big and they don't look natural. I prefer the way she looks in this movie.

dav345 was written on March 21, 2003

breasts in dim light

You see her breasts in dim light while having sex and a little later in the kitchen. You do not see bush, and you do not see ass. She is naked in the kitchen, but the lights are off and I can assure you that any ass or bush that anyone saw was just a figment of their horny imaginations.

soulman was written on October 8, 2002

Tits & Ass.

This was before Moore had her implants and I perfer her this way. Her tits are nice and small with some nice nips. She has a nice ass too. This has to be my favorite nude appearence by Moore.

Bootydaddy was written on March 22, 2003

sorry but you can see ass

right before the kitchen scene when she and her man are rolling around in the bed, you get a nice shot of her ass when she is rolling on top of him, watch the scene closer buddy.

mcjw2011 was written on April 2, 2003

Better than "The Scarlet Letter" or "Blame It on Rio", but not by much...

This was before Demi got her famous chest augmented for "Striptease". The scene is better than the aforementioned films, but not by far. You get a nice but brief view at Demi's smaller (and more attractive) titties and maybe some butt during a sex scene. Recommended for die-hard Demi fans; the rest of us can stick to the freeway.

shetre was written on May 24, 2001

Rolling around with Rob Lowe

This is from before Demi had her implants. It involves a hot and heavy sex scene with Rob Lowe. You see both their butts and Demi's small breasts are seen on several occasions. They then get up and walk around the dark house nude, hidden only by the shadows. When they open the fridge door Demi's breasts are clearly seen and Rob's cock peaks out for a mili-second, its quite a good size. As Demi walks across the kitchen, if you squint, you can just make out some bush.

s2brown was written on May 27, 2001


After Rob and Demi have sex, they go to the kitchen to grab a bite to eat. As Demi opens the refrigerator door, you get a good shot of her totally nude. You even get to see some bush. If you like Demi Moore, this a great movie to see her totally exposed.

Bushyboy was written on February 9, 2008

bed scene and by window in the dark

The best view of tits was when she arched her back and rose up to Lowe. It was awfully dark, but her bush could be made out as she walked from the frig to the cabinet. The side view of her breast and nipple lit by light coming in thru the window was yummy!

tas11@yahoo.com was written on November 7, 1998

in the kitchen

in the kitchen with rob lowe

FlikAddict was written on April 19, 2007

Demi & Rob making love in bed

This is the best scene and the best movie for Demi "pre-enhancement". I only wish she had stayed that way!

Rob Lowe
rachwil was written on September 16, 2005

underwear,ass.....everything and even a hint of his thing!

Rob at his best,great sex scenes,great ass,pretty good movie!

DoubleStandardHater was written on February 5, 2005

original scene after their first sex

OK-the original movie that I saw when it came out in '86 had a scene in which Rob Lowe was standing by the bed full frontal and you could see his penis head-on. I now have the DVD and that scene has been deleted, probably after all the furor caused by his bootleg porn movie. It sucks that the DVD didn't leave the original movie scene intact, since you see it in the privacy of your home. One more reason to love European freedom of expression.

ellen ems512@aol.com was written on April 25, 1998

walking around his apartment after having sex with demi

he used to have a good butt, but that was a long time ago

murray was written on September 21, 1998

scene with Demi

Dark scene of Lowe and Demi Moore walking into the kitchen and opening the refrigerator. As they do so you can see a portion of the base of his penis, but no real detail at all. In another scene he retrieves the newspaper in his underwear.

mcjw2011 was written on April 2, 2003

Butt shots, no penis though

Ruggedly good-looking, Rob Lowe does two brief nude scnees in here. One is when he and Demi walk (both are nude) to the refrigerator, and you get a nice but darkened view of his nice cheeks. In the second scene is when he's in the shower and gets out and dries off, allowing for a better look of his butt. For you Lowe fans out there, there's no penis shot, sorry.

GDH was written on November 16, 1999

His butt looks fine to me!

The refrigerator scene - mentioned elsewhere - is preceded by a sex scene that contains a few quick shots of Lowe's butt, including one close-up. Later on, we again see his butt as he gets out of the shower. This scene contains a quick (freeze-frame job) view of his pubic hair.

Bushyboy was written on February 9, 2008

refrigerator scene

Yeah, if you use frame advance on the dvd, there's a glimpse of dick between his thigh and the frig door

sirspread was written on December 10, 2002

a couple of sex scenes

there are a couple of scenes here where we see demi naked although the lighting is a little dark hence only the two stars.you can see a little bush if you are quick but the main attraction are demis amazing breasts (why oh why did she get implants later on )anybody who hasnt seen this earlier version of demi really should try to see this film

nudieguy was written on November 28, 2002

Full Frontal

In this movie Rob shows everything!I am a straight male who has no problem reviewing male nudity.After he and Demi get through having sex they go to the kitchen.When Rob opens up the fridge you can plainly see his penis.I only gave it three stars because he is a mainstream actor,because his penis is not that big.Also,when he gets out of the shower in one scene you can see his pubic hair and part of the shaft of his penis.

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