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Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio
beefcake was written on February 10, 2001

dead blue boobs

well you get to see her topless, but she is playing dead.

soulman was written on July 6, 2002


Mastrantonio's is dead and they try to revive her by ripping open her top. Although you get to see her nipples and small tits, I can't give this scene more than a * rating because of the blue lighting and the overall context.

guyflyer was written on January 3, 2000

She's dead

She drowns in the sub and his hulled back the rig. Her shirt is ripped open to zap her back to life. Not very erotic as she is a sickly cold looking blue color.

oldbabe was written on January 16, 2002

Very unexpected, very unerotic

Yes this was the very unarousing of circumstances when her top was ripped open. On the other hand, it was also a rather unexpected surprise to have the benefit of nudity in the scene. You will least expect it, unless you frequently visit this site before going to the video store.

TripleThreat was written on November 22, 2001


She drowns and they are trying to bring her back to life. Rip the shirt off and the boobs arent looking to good. You can clearly see nipple and everything but the lovely shade of blue they are does not make it all that appealing. On one hand you have a quality topless shot of Mary on the other she isnt looking to great.

budd was written on August 19, 1999

dramatic not erotic!!

Mary Elizabeth Mastrantonio is being given CPR by Ed Harris. In order to shock her back to life he has to place the electric things on her bare chest. He rips open her shirt and you see her very ordinary breasts. This scene cannot be described as sexy because the woman seems to be dead. Anyway, Mastrantonio ain't all that hot! Only to necrophiliacs do I recommend this one.

beave0 was written on March 4, 2006


At the 1 hour 42 min mark you get to see harris I think rip Mastrantonio shirt open so they can bring her back to life. You don't really get a good look at her small breasts. Something is in the way. They are still nice.

Alphonse was written on November 20, 1998

breasts . . .

In order to use a defibrilater on her, the group has to rip her shirt open and expose bare skin. You can clearly see her breasts, but it's not a good angle and there's just something wrong about looking at someone's tits while she's supposed to be dead. Still, it's okay if you can get past that.

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