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Bobbie Phillips
Starduster was written on December 22, 2001

Phull Phrontal Phillips

The IMDB doesn't list it, but there Is a U.S. version of this German TV film available on DVD under the title The Hustle". However, it may be exclusive to a nation-wide rental chain. I had just about given up on seeing anymore nudity by her until this DVD showed up. There is a very brief bit of nudity in the opening scene. She is seen from the side, slipping into her panties. There's a hint of bush in the shot. About half way into the film, She strips completely during a scene that runs 20 seconds or so. The full length shots are a little distant, but there is a good look at her breasts, buns, and little more bush. This is the only full frontal nudity she has done, to my knowledge. The nude scene is about 3 minutes into chapter 15 on the disk. Oh, the movie is title 2 on the DVD, and there's no menu!

BushLeague was written on September 24, 2003

Through the looking glass

Pretty little short cropped "Blonde" (her pubic hair is black) strips to full nudity. Her ripe casabas appear to be 34c's and have the slightest sag. Her cooze farm is small, dark and very shaved and combed. She also has a large, muscular keester with a hint of cellulite which we partially see when she turns to the side (no crack).

FilmCritic was written on June 2, 2003

Possible Correction

I am just adding a comment to one of the reviewers that I think Bobbie has a glimpse of lower frontal nudity in the movie "Cheyenne" around the 42 minute mark. It appears she is shaven and thus it might be missed.

Tatoo was written on June 3, 2003

Bobbie Undressing

In the US DVD version of "The Hustle" we see Bobbie in a full frotal view. This happens in ch. 15 in around 44 minutes into the film. She is making out with her man. This is a nice hot scene for a hottie like Bobbie. First, we see her take her shirt off and we are treated to her full breasts and big nipples. Next, she takes off her panties to reveal a nice patch of pubic hair and a nive butt. This is a must have for anyone who wants to see a full frontal view of Bobbie Phillips.

FilmCritic was written on June 2, 2003


I have just found a copy of the video "Cheyenne" that I mentioned earlier. She is not completely shaven and there is a brief moment where frontal nudity can be seen - see other reviewer of that movie for details.

MirMax was written on August 16, 2000

Undressing scene

Undressing scene (with a man)..ending up
fully frontal nude.

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