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Jodie Foster
Cyclone was written on January 22, 2001

Rape scene

Towards the end of the movie, the rape scene is shown. We get several brief looks at her breasts while she is being attacked, but none of the exposure is very good, nor is it pleasing to watch, due to the nature of the scene.

Mikey69 was written on August 2, 2006

Rape Scene

I agree the scene is brutal and Jodie's breasts are not what the scene is about. However, her performance in this movie was outstanding. Watch it for her acting, not for the little bit of nudity.

nudity_elitist was written on July 1, 2002

just not a sexy lady

Breast peeks here, but not from a very good perspective. If you want a better look at Jodie (which you don't) go ahaid and waste your time watching Nell.

budd was written on August 19, 1999

Rape scene

In a scene that destroys this terrible movie, a couple of men rape Jodie Foster on a pinball machine while a lot more watch and shout. You see Foster topless but mainly you only see the butts of the rapists. If you want Foster nudity, check out Nell. Stay away from this one.

Heat was written on November 17, 1998

Rape scene

Two guys are laying her on a bar table, they raise her skirt, tearing her panties, revealing her nice tits, and start to do her one after another.

NudeyDude was written on July 24, 2000

The wrost scene I have ever scene

Even though you get to see Miss Foster's breasts this is not really a nude scene. It is an awful gang rape that turns your stomach while watching. While being brutaly raped by three men in a bar you see Jodies breasts. I I'm really never bothered by a scene's in movies especially one with nudity, but this scene was gut wrenching to watch. A very average movie too. If your a fan of Foster's ACTING then you should rent this movie. If you wan't to see her naked rent Nell, or Bactrack. As much as I love Jodie this was awful.

axl was written on October 15, 1999

not pleasant to watch

While Jodie is being raped in a bar you see her tits.This scene is in no way erotic...it's just brutal.

Woody Brown
yowza was written on October 5, 1999

Partial Buns During Rape

Woody plays the first guy to rape Jodie Foster; we see his nice buns while pulling them down to rape her, but the next time we see them, they're partially hidden by his shirt and his underwear creeping back up.

sylv was written on October 6, 1998


I would rate him so much higher if the nudity didn't take place during a rape scene. Like The Rainkillers, Woody Brown's exposure doesn't come from a romantic lead, but from a guy morally-impaired (ha). Anyway, if it's possible to compartmentalize his wonderful but from what it's doing in the movie, then you'll love the images.

Ozzie700 was written on July 5, 2002

Asshole's ass

I love Woody, I love the contorted faces he makes to show his pleasure, and I love his round, firm butt. However, this is a violent rape scene, and aside from a second near the beginning of the rape, his butt is kept half-hidden underneath his briefs.

Steve Antin
murray was written on September 20, 1998

rape scene

Too bad we had to see Antin's great butt during a rape scene or it'd even been more erotic. Genetics smiled on this guy.

yowza was written on October 5, 1999

Buns during rape

We get several good looks at Steve's fully-exposed buns as he thrusts into Jodie Foster, while raping her on a pinball machine. He's the second, Frat Boy rapist, and has a very cute face and a very cute ass.

Ozzie700 was written on July 5, 2002

Buns during rape

He's the frat boy who takes his turn on Jodie after encouragement from others. I would almost recommend that you just mute the scene and try to forget the horrible circumstances, because he has an amazing, pillowy, perfect ass. It's a sad irony that one of Steve's only displays of his bubble cheeks is during a rape scene.

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