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Schneider, Gerti 1 Review
Rom, Hilde 1 Review
Penz, Alena 1 Review
Mikulski, Lydia 1 Review
Hankammer, Heidrun 1 Review
Frederik, Nina 1 Review
Conti, Catharina 1 Review

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Gerti Schneider
Immy was written on September 15, 2008

Nude (1:05)

For a sexy space alien, Gerti certainly doesn't show her body as often as the other girls. Thankfully she takes part in the four-girl striptease at a local beer hall (she's in the green lingerie). After the guys make a grab at them a brawl breaks out but the girls stay naked the whole time (5+ minutes!). Great scene.

Hilde Rom
Immy was written on September 15, 2008

Breasts (0:07)

Matronly Hilde proudly flashes her 40-ish boobs a couple of times, first to her daughter, then her husband (0:10). Since we see them in close-up each time it's hard to tell if she's the actual owner but it's probably her.

Alena Penz
Immy was written on September 15, 2008


Alena is the only blonde space alien. She gets it on with the local bumbling sheriff (0:58, topless in bed riding him) and joins three of the other girls for a group striptease in a beer hall (1:05, she's the only one not wearing lingerie under her spacesuit). A brawl breaks out but the girls still stay naked for five whole minutes!

Lydia Mikulski
Immy was written on September 15, 2008

Topless and butt

Lydia plays Hilde Rom's horny daughter. Her only scene shows her getting it on with a guy in a barn (0:05, boobs and butt). A couple of minutes later she's still going at it (doggie style now) till her mother catches her.

Heidrun Hankammer
Immy was written on September 15, 2008


Heidrun is the first Venus space-babe to sample human sexual interaction. She gets it on with a lingerie salesman in his car (0:32, topless, then butt and muff turning over, plus briefly again at 0:37). Then she goes back to the ship and shows commander Nina Frederik all the lingerie goodies she got (0:51, brief boobs trying on a see-thru nightie). She also takes part in the group strip of four girls in the beer hall (1:05, in the purple nightie). Five full minutes of shameless nudity! She even smacks a guy over the head with a dinner plate when an all-out brawl ensues.

Nina Frederik
Immy was written on September 15, 2008


Nina is the commander of the all-girl spaceship from Venus. She doesn't show any skin until Heidrun Hankammer comes back aboard the ship to show her Earthly lingerie. Heidrun demonstrates human lovemaking skills on her by taking off Nina's bra (0:54) and smooching her nips, even moving a bit lower. We see her boobs again briefly when Gerti Schneider comes aboard (0:56). Back on Earth, she gets seduced in a backroom by a guy (0:59, topless and butt as he undresses her) then she's fully nude in the beer hall in front of everybody undressing with the other girls (1:05, she's in the red bra and panties). Great prolonged (5 mins!) casual nude scene. She even pops some champagne.

Catharina Conti
Immy was written on September 15, 2008


Catharina is one of the sexy space aliens sent to Earth in search of sperm. Her first encounter with a male human has the guy taking off her spacesuit in a barn. She tells him to stop or she'll freeze...he doesn't, she does, or more accurately turns into a mannequin (0:24, full frontal laying in the hay). The town doctor takes her a sauna to thaw her out and we're treated to 3+ minuntes of full nudity as she tries to get him to seduce her (0:34). They finally do it and we see them afterwards in bed (0:52, a panning full frontal shot) and then more boobs lying in bed while the doc gets dressed.

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