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Ernest G. Sauer

Affairs of the Heart's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Poprah 1 Review
Nicholas, Angela 1 Review
Mullen, Becky 1 Review
Leigh, Melissa 1 Review
Gerardi, Joan 1 Review
Fortea, Isabelle 1 Review
Courtney, Lorna 1 Review
Carmack, Cody 1 Review
Baxter, Amy Lynn 2 Reviews

Affairs of the Heart's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Montana, Michael 0 Reviews
Mauro, Joseph E. 1 Review

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Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Topless in short skirt (0:53)

Tempest portrays Miss September and wow what a bust on her! She's dressed in a short, plaid schoolgirl's skirt posing for a photographer. Phenomenal hooters, and as far as I can tell (there isn't a good close up), natural. Wish she would have dropped that skirt!

Angela Nicholas
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Left breast in bed (0:13)

Angela's boobs are perfect, so what a shame we only see 50% of them in this film. Here she's the fantasy girl of dorky guy. As she lays back in bed making out with him her left breast is in its full glory.

Becky Mullen
Immy was written on July 30, 2001

First major topless scene

Back when Beckie was "Becky The Farmer's Daughter" in G.L.O.W. (Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling) you yearned to see what she had under her bursting, plaid halter top. In 1992 she finally showed the world. She is simply lovely, cute and coy as a poolside fantasy girl who gets help undoing her bikini top. When it's finally off and she's in her glory she exclaims "I feel great!" and the guy she's with says "You look great!". Guy, you said a mouthful!

Melissa Leigh
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Topless (0:37)

Another awesome busty babe. Redhead Melissa shows her bountiful charms as she makes out with a guy with ridiculous looking blonde hair. She drops her top and puts her tasty melons right in the guy's face. Even a little whipped cream is involved. Man there's some prize-winning boobage on display in this movie!

Joan Gerardi
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Topless in photo studio (0:14)

Joan has the nicest, perkiest boobs I've seen in awhile. As Miss Valentine's Day in a photo shoot she's topless in red panties with a little cupid-like bow and arrow posing for a photographer. And we finally get some decent close-up views. Simply gorgeous all around.

Isabelle Fortea
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Topless (1:05)

Isabelle has a breathless (just listen to her genuinely panting!) rendezvous in a cabin. The guy she's with pulls off her bra and proceeds to slobber all over her chest, boobs and stomach. Nice tight shots of Isabelle's quivering B-cups getting slathered. The only quibble is the obvious hand-held close-ups are a little shaky.

Lorna Courtney
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

Topless making love (1:03)

Lorna has a steamy outdoor fireside encounter. She's topless on her back kissing a guy while they do the nasty in a sleeping bag. Her left breast gets the most exposure while the right one peeks in and out. And she's one pretty girl.

Cody Carmack
Immy was written on December 5, 2004

May 1981 Penthouse Pet topless (0:44)

Cody swings into her scene on a jungle vine!
She's trying to spice up her love life with her man by transforming their bedroom into a tropical setting. She's wearing a scanty bikini and peels off the top as she and her guy make out. Cute, round smallish boobs, perfect handfuls.

Amy Lynn Baxter
Silverfish was written on September 26, 2001

a few scenes

At the beginning of the movie and through the credits, we see a photo shoot of Amy where she gets topless. Most of the shots are from a distance, or not from the best angle, and are too short. This scene would be two stars. You don't see her breasts again until the end of the movie (but luckily you see many other women topless, including Becky Mullen). The three star scene comes in a photo shoot, where she is dressed in a Santa hat as "Miss December." Lots of good shots of her breasts as she touches them and pushes them together. Shortly after that is a two star scene of her having sex with a guy amidst many clouds that cover vital parts.

heart_attack_man was written on February 7, 2000

run of the mill

Your basic B-movie nudity, we get to see Amy's breasts in a few scenes throughout the movie. Nothing special.

Michael Montana
Joseph E. Mauro
bambam67 was written on March 4, 2005

boy at the front door

what a hot stud! he is one really awesome dude.
tough and very funny in this movie. also very sexy.

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