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Aimée und Jaguar's Sexy Actresses

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Wokalek, Johanna 1 Review
Schrader, Maria 1 Review
Makatsch, Heike 1 Review
Köhler, Juliane 1 Review
Degen, Elisabeth 1 Review

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Johanna Wokalek
adailymovie2 was written on February 8, 2002

breasts, no bush

I think she is the prettier one of the bunch, but what do I know.
Anyways, you see her breasts, but no bush in the modelling scene

Maria Schrader
adailymovie2 was written on February 8, 2002


3 scenes. First scene is when she is with 3 other girls modelling. You see her breasts and her bush near the end of the scene. Second scene is a lesbian fling with Kohler and you see a closeup of her breasts. Final scene is when Kohler comes in and starts smothering her with kisses. You see her ass and her breasts, no bush.

Heike Makatsch
Boohoo was written on June 29, 1999


In this new german movie, Heike (and three other actresses like Maria Schrader) showsher breasts while posing for a men magazin (don't know if you can call it so, the film playsduring WW II.).

Juliane Köhler
adailymovie2 was written on February 8, 2002


The lighting is dim, but you do see her bush during the first lesbian love scene between her and Schrader. She keeps her hands across her chest most of the time so no breasts.

Elisabeth Degen
adailymovie2 was written on February 8, 2002


From the right angle, this girl looks good. But from other angles....hmmmm. Anyways, she's one of the four girls nude in the modelling scene. You see both breasts and a split second of bush near the end of the scene

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