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Alexis Loret
atom was written on August 16, 2003

gorgeous French actor glimpsed with brief rear nudity

As the previous reviewers pointed out, the nude scenes involving Alexis Loret are limited to a brief scene of Loret, a deeply disturbed young man, stripping off his clothes and wandering into a stream, and later a more extensive sequence of Loret wandering around a Spanish beachfront property without clothes. We see butt cheeks clearly and pubic hair briefly. The scenes (and the movie) are worth watching, though, because Loret is flawlessly beautiful, with a lean, early-twenties body, limited chest hair, high cheekbones, and great skin. In the movie, he plays a rather vacuous young man who takes on a job as a male model. Gay-friendly director Andre Techine dishes up plenty of eye candy in the form of shirtless scenes of his haunted, seductive hero.

mcjw2011 was written on January 2, 2005

Butt and brief glimpse of pubes

This man is a mixture of Scott Bairstow and Paul Walker - in terms of sexiness. The first glimpse of Alexis sans pants is when he immerses himself in a lake, where his nice butt can be briefly glimpsed. Second glimpse is just a side shot when he's screwing Juliette Binoche, where he's still wearing a shirt, but you can see his buttocks clenching as he thrusts into her. The third shot is when he and Juliette are at the Spanish beachhouse and he wakes up from a nightmare, and you see him nude from the side, where his pubes can be briefly but clearly glimpsed, as well as another quick glimpse of his behind as he gets up. His sexiness ALMOST warranted an extra *, but the exposure simply didn't warrant it. Maybe he'll bare all in another movie...

Mattg was written on February 25, 2001


Utterly gorgeous actor plays a troubled young man who later takes up a career as a model. For good reason - he's absolutely beautiful. 20 minutes into film, after story jumps from his youth to his adulthood, we see him stripped naked and walking into a lake. Nice quick shot of his buttcheeks as he sinks into the water. He's kind of disturbed here for reasons about his father's recent death. Later, we see him getting it on with Juliette Binoche and get a nice side pan of his butt over top of her. I can't stress enough how utterly hot this guy is - one of the most beautiful actors I've ever had the pleasure of seeing on screen - this is why I love some French films.

Ozzie700 was written on January 21, 2003


Alexis certainly is gorgeous, but the nudity in here is very fleeting. Early in the movie he skinny dips, and there is a glimpse at his supple butt which is the true definition of blink-and-you'll-miss-it. About 50 minutes or so into the movie there's a side shot which is more frustrating than anything else. Later there is a brief shot of him sitting in bed nude (we see him from the back), with his left hip and possibly his pubes visible.

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