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All About Anna's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

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Eileen Daly
Ghostwords was written on July 14, 2012

What links?

It looks as though you attempted to embed links, which CNDb frowns upon. However, you can find screencaps here, including the oral sex and penetration shot:

georgelloyd1 was written on April 28, 2011


Ms Daly has appeared nude in several films, but she takes part in two explicit sex scenes in this film. First, she gives a guy a blow job (she's topless and his penis is clearly in her mouth), then slips a condom onto him prior to sex (she's still wearing shiny panties, but his penis can be seen sliding past the material into her vagina). In the second scene, she slips out of a robe (full frontal, pubes shaved to a very narrow strip), gives a guy a blow job (again, penis clearly in her mouth, only this time it's better lit), then lets him ejaculate on her face. There are screencaps at the pages below.

Gry Bay
Torgo was written on December 11, 2005

If only I could give it 5 stars

Gry Bay is naked so many times in the movie, it would be pointless to go over each scene. She is incredibly hot with long blonde hair(looks natural), firm B-cups that hang perfectly
from her chest and that get groped a lot during the film, a gorgeous ass, and best of all a totally shaved pubis. There is one great scene where she is getting screwed from behind and her breasts jiggle very nicely.

She recieves cunnilingus during the film by both men and women. In one scene you even get a close-up view of her lips while lying on her back before she recieves oral sex. Although there are no clear penetration shots, I read in a article that the sex scenes are real. There is even a 8-second blow job in the deleted scenes of the DVD.

georgelloyd1 was written on April 28, 2011


Ms Bay is shown fully naked, giving and receiving oral sex, and having penetrative sex.

Warning: there is a softcore version of this film, with the explicit sex scenes removed.

GuidoV was written on May 5, 2009

Mainstream Actress Really Getting Nailed, Twice!

Hard to believe this chick went all the way in this movie, at least twice. Gry is an television/movie actress, model and for her to have unsimulated sex on camera...there is a God.

Too many scenes here to talk about but 2 come to mind...

In one scene she gets banged by this guy in front of a window. At one point you actually see his dong going in/out from a side view.

In another scene she's lying on a table while this blond, muscle dude licks her shaved snatch then starts pounding her with his huge, thick dong. While you don't see actual penetration, here are many scenes where you can just tell there's no other place where this guy could be putting his erect meat.

Now many of the explcit scenes are extras on the DVD so you'll need to dig around for some of this stuff. But, make no mistake...Gry takes an absolute pounding in this movie!

Fans rejoice!

ff was written on June 11, 2006

Hardcore scenes might have been doubled

You never really see her face in the scenes where she jacks the guy off and the blow job scene at the end only shows the mouth so it could have been a double. Nevertheless there are several nude scenes where you can see her nice breasts and shaved beaver.

Mark Stevens
Ozzie700 was written on October 12, 2009

The works!

Mark is a blonde, muscular hunk. He plays the lead role in this film and isn't afraid to go all the way. He has quite a body, and the camera pays great attention to his body. He has multiple sex or almost sex scenes with the lead actress. In the kitchen, they get fully naked when he's helping her move stuff and they get carried away. The camera gets so close you can see the light hairs on his tight buttocks. You also see her stroking his penis, as it gets hard. He also gets erect on the stairs later on, when she begins to go down on him but changes her mind. Then he takes a shower and masturbates. This leads to a hot scene where a woman he's sharing an apartment with sits him down and teases him into accepting a blowjob. He gets more and more into it until he ejaculates on her face, shocking her (and the viewers, I'm sure)! We see a final sex scene with the lead actress, as they are on some sort of boat, and they strip each other, before we get some penetration shots (whether they're doubles of the actress, I don't know).

casperfan was written on May 5, 2009

Full frontal and hardcore sex

Beautiful British actor shows his all in this highly explicit film. In several scenes he is seen from behind having sex-showing his firm muscular butt with a light spattering of blond hair. He is also seen in full frontal erect scenes-nice big thick penis-and having full penetrative sex. The best scene is an oral one in which he ejaculates over a womans face! Excellent!

Thomas Raft
hickeyfan was written on May 22, 2014

Full frontal clear views

Surprising no one mentioned this actor, even though he is added.
He has sex with Anna in the room while they both are painting it. He puts a condom on his erect penis and plays with her breasts.
Later when the phone rings he pulls himself out and pull the condom (filled with cum) while another talking on the phone.

In another scene he is sleep in a room , while Anna is having sex in the kitchen. He gets up and his package is in full view then.

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