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All-American Boy, The's Sexy Actresses

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Peaker, E.J. 1 Review

All-American Boy, The's Sexy Actors

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E.J. Peaker
nudedude was written on July 25, 1999


Topless while going into the shower with Jon Voight

Jon Voight
Neptune3 was written on August 23, 2005

Two nudes scenes

This was actually filmed a couple of years prior to 1973, so it's nudity content is even more provocative than it was when released. Voight plays a restless boxer who returns home for a funeral and is attempts sex with his old girlfriend. They are lying on the floor of her home with him on his back and her nestled next to him face down. They carry on a lengthy conversation and the entire time a side view of his chest and his thatch of pubic hair is shown. It could not possibly have been commonplace for a Hollywood film to show this and it's a little eye-opening even today. No full frontal nudity, though.

About halfway through the film, they reunite and she is naked about to get in the shower, he comes into the bathroom nude as well (only shown from the waist up) and then gets in the shower himself, granting the viewer a clear, if brief shot of his fleshy, cute buns.

Near the end of the film, in a non-nude except for his chest, but still interesting scene, Voight takes a shower in full view of several men (trainers, agents, etc...) who look on at him as if he's just meat for sale.

Rarely, if ever, was Jon Voight this tan and blonde in a film. It was done shortly after "Midnight Cowboy" and he's very attractive throughout.

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