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Wendi Winburn
Fling was written on September 6, 2003

Bath tease

Beginning at 36:22 (add 13:50 on tape for ads) and continuing for more than a minute, this is a very coyly shot scene. Although Winburn is nude, and in the frame for much of that time, she's twirling and stepping around a line of men. There's plenty to see of her nice ass and large fake boobs, but not a bit of bush.
In the bathing scenes, there are other nude or topless women around in the background. There's no close-ups, but quite an assortment of breasts in at at 35:50.
Nominal lead Nichole Hiltz has a sex scene at 1:07:49, but it's also a tease. Hiltz is very lovely, and stimulating nonetheless, but these scene is very strategically shot to reveal nothing more that the side of her left breat and the curve of her hips.
Of the name players in the cast, little Jennifer Rubin is weighed down and covered by Amazonian regalia, including a beastplate that seems about four sizes too large. Patrick Bergin, whose ass can be glimpsed briefly in the bath, must be wondering how his career came to this.

dav345 was written on February 27, 2004

breasts and buns

You see her fake looking boobs up close when she gets in a tub. You see her buns from medium distance getting out of the tub and walking around between some men.

cecil was written on March 12, 2003


She's undressed and enters the large bath to join Patrick Bergin and we get a close up of her side, showing side of breast and rear. Later she steps out of the pool which provides a lingering shot of her rear, though from a medium distance. More teasing shots as she winds in and out between three men as she chooses her warrior, but with only a few glimpses of her breasts, again from a medium distance.

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