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John White
dvdcollector was written on June 11, 2008

Two rear scenes

Nice looking actor has two scenes where he shows his pretty butt. The first scene involves having his butt signed by a stripper in order to be accepted into a fraternity. The second, somewhat better and longer scene, has him falling and dropping his towel because a girl treating his injured leg causes him to have an orgasm. His butt is the main reason to watch the movie.

Jake Siegel
dvdcollector was written on June 11, 2008

Tries to have butt signed by stripper

In this very brief scene, he displays most (but not all) of his butt as he tries to get a stripper to sign it. Instead, she literally kicks him off the stage. Nice enough butt and actor is not bad looking, but the trousers are not lowered enough and the view is not from very close.

ljrealnude was written on June 14, 2008

Brief buttshot in strip club

Too brief scene of hottie Siegel's butt when he drops his pants to get his tush signed. Cute kid, nice butt, too brief

Jonathan Keltz
ljrealnude was written on June 18, 2008

Rear in deleted scene.

Keltz, who looks like a young Anthony Michael Hall, but cuter, has a short scene in the actual video where he shows his buns. But, the real treat for butt lovers is in the deleted scene (a longer version of above) where he gets up naked from a chair with a tequila bottle covering his genitals (although there is a very brief view of his member) and you get to see his nice tight little buns. Very nice!

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