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American Psycho's Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Turner, Guinevere 1 Review
Sutton, Krista 6 Reviews
Seymour, Cara 6 Reviews

American Psycho's Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Bale, Christian 10 Reviews

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Guinevere Turner
BushLeague was written on October 13, 2003

Beddy teddy

She greets us by bending over in a satin teddy that hikes up and reveals 85% of her creamy smooth, firm (think creme brulee without the crust) seat pads. She gets into the bed and just shows us her eyeball shaped 34b left tata. Unfortuately, the later hanging bloody in a plastic bag with her obscured breast mounds .

Krista Sutton
atomic was written on July 13, 2003

nude nude nude

This is a very sexy movie. you can see Christian's hot body a lot. and during a threesome you can see a brief shot of his dick. I saw the european trailer but I didn't saw his dick.

NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Hot Scene, ok nudity

She looks good in this scene cant be seen to well without slow mo, but shes hot

Chicago was written on April 25, 2001

Not worth it

liechti's description of Krista's scene is basically right. At :14.75-:16, you get two glimpses of her smallish breasts when she's getting sexed by Christian. Toward the end of the scene, he leaves the bed and removes part of the covers to reveal Krista's ass and side of her breasts. All together the nudity's not worth the viewing.

liechti was written on September 19, 2000

Threesome with Christian Bale and Cara Seymore

Christian asks Krista to remove her dress and to dance. Later in that scene Christa wears only her black nylons and is doing a threesome. She shows several times her tiny little breasts. Though only short flashes - it's oK. And her legs are wonderful long and slim!

Senator was written on August 15, 2001

two shots of two cute boobies... 2 stars

about all I can say is in my subject line!

sirspread was written on June 6, 2003


she does a little dance in her black undies and then shows her small but nice boobs a couple of times during a threesome they are only very quick views so no more than 1 star

Cara Seymour
NudeyDude was written on March 3, 2002

Killer movie, decent scene

Cara is seen both uptop and her back side for a short while i guess she just doesnt do it for me great movie though

Chicago was written on April 25, 2001

Not worth it

Cara has a large nose, blonde hair, straight bangs, and is not all that attractive. Cara is taking a bath at :39.5 when her left nipple is barely visible over the top of the tub as she leans back; mostly, however, the scene is mostly only of the outline of the top of her breasts--large natural ones--you don't see much. At :45, there's a 20 sec. shot of her lying on her side where you see her ass (shot from the bottom of the bed up at her butt). It is a bizarre, worthless movie...and even the nudity is NOT worth it.

movie_guy_23 was written on June 11, 2000

when going in shower

it's all right

Senator was written on August 15, 2001

very short... very little

I don't know where that one guy gets off giving her a 3 star rating for "its okay" but that is what it is... okay... one star only though...

you can see a little over the tub water... that is about it though... good movie though.

tdsa was written on January 2, 2003

In the bath, then having sex to Phil Collins

Cara is a great actor, but isn't the most attractive women. Her body is quite good though, and it's shown off while she takes a bath, and Bateman disconcertingly tells her to 'clean her vagina.'
Then, in a sex scene which was largely cut in the US version, her breasts are shown. The focus of this scene is more Bateman's love of himself; in particular his biceps. Plus, Phil Collins' 'Sussudio' is playing during the scene. Not exactly hot stuff.

sirspread was written on June 6, 2003

bath and 3 some

well summed up by previous viewer.....very brief nipple in bath and we dont see anything during 3some which may be just as well looking at her.....half a star maximum here

Christian Bale
Ryan was written on June 5, 2000

Awesome body

Christian has a great body (and gives a great performance) in this film. The camera lingers over his well developed bod at several different points and rear exposure occurs in multiple scenes. First a full body shot from behind as he showers. Other butt shots in a threesome scene, as he gets out of bad and when he's chasing a woman with a chainsaw (this last one is a bit creepy and he has some blood on his body). There's other teasing shots, including a shot from the side of him lying nude on a tanning bed. Baleheads will go crazy over this and it's well worth checking out for anyone else interested in male nudes.

wheble2299 was written on June 6, 2000


You get a great look at Christians bod all threw this movie. A great butt shot at the begining of the movie when he is getting into the shower. There might even be a frontal shot in the scene right before he starts running down the hall naked with a chainsaw. Hopefully on video of DVD we will be able to tell a little bit better

KingLumberjack was written on May 21, 2006

what a gorgeous body!!

Well well, I believe our dear Mr Bale has never looked better than in this movie! He's fit, nicely muscled, tanned and just so very jummy!! What more, he's not shy about showing off what he's got either, be that shower, solarium or running around wearing nothing but sneakers!

Guiseppe was written on August 2, 2007

Buns of steel

It's funny to see how Christian Bale has made an unbelievable physical transition from his "Metroland" days. In that film we got nude shots of a more pale and more skinny Christian(although still fleeting.) But, in American Pyscho, he is buff, defined, and ferocious. We get two nude shots of him in his physical momentum. First, the camera crawls toward Christian, soaked in suds and standing under the shower. We get a fleeting 5 seconds of his now toned ass which bounces up and down as he moves underneath the shower. The second nude scene is while he is crazily running through an apartment hallway in a bloody frenzy. We get a 2 second look at his lean, uncircumsized penis that is itself splashed with blood. He then turns and we get a quick glimpse of his bloodied ass(he's covered in blood because of the person he killed earlier.) While not as well lite and lingering as his nude shots in metroland, christian is still quite handsome and quite the mesmerzing man.

MonkD was written on September 24, 2000

Various scenes

Bale is a classicly handsome stud with a lean, athletic body. Nice first scene of him standing in the shower as the soap runs down his tight, smooth butt. Very nice! Later on, another butt scene of him running down the hall. Many other scenes of him in various stages of undress. Great body!

bmg was written on August 8, 2002

brief partial frontal (and full frontal in European trailer)

In addition to the rear nudity described previously, there is also one very brief view of the top of his penis as he stands at the top of the stairs with the chainsaw. So brief and incidental it's barely worth mentioning, except for the fact that it's Christian Bale, one of the most painfully perfect-looking men in Hollywood, and any bone he throws us is quite appreciated! (The European trailer for the film shows the same shot from the US film where he comes out of his room with the chainsaw, but it's a just slightly wider shot, and you can see his WHOLE PENIS, a nice average size, a tight little roll, very clearly and very well lit.)

Ozzie700 was written on August 8, 2002

Showering/Sex/et al

A few decent views of his chiseled buttocks when he's showering, having sex, and (the worst shots) running down a hall covered in blood. The most arousing shot is when he's working out in his tightie whities early in the film, with the camera thisclose to his crotch and chest. His American accent was so irritating that you may want to mute the shower scenes.

akoWonderWoman was written on March 23, 2001


Although he spends too much time primping in the shower, watching him soap himself and hear his strong voice commentating throughout certainly got my blood boiling. One of my new favorites!

Christian69 was written on March 20, 2005

Bale doing yoga in tighty-whities, then naked and soapy in the shower

Bale worked out extensively for this movie; the camera pulls in to his naked backside as he lathers up. He shifts his weight, and his butt is one of the tightest imaginable. It looks especially good with soap running down the crack.

Electrix was written on February 1, 2007

butt, sex, penis scene

In the earlier in the movie, while he's taking a bathe you can see his butt for a 2-4 seconds. In the middle of the movie he has sex with two womans - (great views of his chest and his ass). He has a pefect body in this movie. After he goes naked with a chainsaw looking for the girls; you can see a quick view of his penis, that is big, and gorgeous. His body and his penis it's the attraction of the movie. The movie becomes pefect because of him.

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