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Sloatman, Lala 2 Reviews
Nickson-Soul, Julia 1 Review

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Lala Sloatman
duckem was written on September 2, 2000

topless love scene

At the 15 minute mark she has a love
scene showing her nice breasts.

cecil was written on February 15, 2014

sex scene

She has a sex scene with Ross Partridge. They are standing and he removes her top, we see her breasts for about a second. Then they lie down with him on top, most of the time her breasts are blocked by his arms, but a couple of times we see her right breast for about a second

Julia Nickson-Soul
slavedriver was written on November 8, 1999

sex scene/brief boobs

While she's getting it on with David Naughton, you can briefly see her upper treasures. She'swearing overalls with nothing underneath, much like Kari Wuhrer did in Sensation. Sensational!

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