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Kelly, Lisa Robin 6 Reviews
Kasdorf, Lenore 0 Reviews
Duncan, Rachel 0 Reviews
Andreeff, Starr 1 Review

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Lisa Robin Kelly
brutuz was written on March 17, 2005


Eric Foremans sister is naked. Yeah!

TheOwl was written on September 16, 2005

Bit Brief (So to speak)

She starts to get in the mood, but saddly the house doesnt appear to appreciate Kelly's finer attributes and sends in the fly to break up the party ;-).

rachaelleighcookrulz was written on May 25, 2004

Mixed feelings

Being that 70's show is my favorite show i was excited to see this scene but her tits were suprisingly kinda droopy almost looked like meat flaps.But atleast she stepped to the plate and showed us a little.Movie was HORRIBLE

sirspread was written on April 29, 2003


she peels back her purple top while on top of a guy revealing a fantastic pair of breasts....if she had took her large black pants off it would have got 3 stars

cecil was written on February 15, 2014

sex scene

She is sitting on top of Allen Cutler. She opens her blouse are reveals her breasts. Lighting is okay, but exposure doesn't last long before they hear a noise and she pulls her blouse in front of her breasts.

Penis was written on June 20, 2000

Topless while riding guy

A great scene from "That '70s Show" star Kelly. While riding a guy in a shed she opens up her top. Scene is kind of dark, thats why it doesn't get the full four star rating.

Lenore Kasdorf
Rachel Duncan
Starr Andreeff
thesurfer was written on April 26, 2006

A woman wanting a man

She has quite a few scenes where she seriously has the hots for her hunky stepson played by Allen Cutler (and looking at his body who can blame her). Has one good sex scene where she really gets going and a masturbation scene while she is thinking about her hunky stepson.

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