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Emmanuelle Béart
lpz89 was written on January 15, 2004

Shower scene

Emmanuelle plays a high-class hooker in this romantic comedy. She is taking a shower in the bathroom when an older guy bursts in by accident. He's embarrassed but she stares straight back at him with a cheeky grin. We get to see a side shot of her right breast, which is small but cute with a nice pert nipple standing proud. We can also see the upper two thirds of Ms Beart's lovely bottom, but no more, which is why I can only give two stars. This is one of Emmanuelle's earliest films, before Manon des Sources, and she was under 20 when she made it.

tickledick was written on November 12, 2005

Ass and breast

At about 52 minutes (approx), Sophie Barjac's bald-headed lover returns to the apartment and finds her naked in the shower. View of ass and breast(from rear/side).

Sophie Barjac
tickledick was written on November 12, 2005

Quick full frontal

At about 73 minutes (approx), she is asleep, naked, on the floor. She suddenly wakes and gets up, giving a quick full frontal. However, the best skin is a 360 nude scene, at about 32 minutes (approx), by a bookshop owner picked up by the lead actor.

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