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Nathalie Nell
frogman was written on March 23, 2004

Abduction and gang rape

At about 18 mins, Nicole is knocked off her moped and shoved into a van. After her abduction, the nudity starts at about 21 mins, with a coerced striptease. All scenes are fairly well lit, either by headlights or flashlights or a lantern.

Nathalie Nell is first stripped to her skirt, showing her bare breasts while standing and then running through the woods. Medium distance and close shots of her nude above the waist.

Caught, she is then stripped to her shoes, medium distance, with full frontal nudity.

She is shown nude above the waist in a fairly close camera shot that circles around her while she is surrounded by the four men, trying to keep their hands off her while she is being slapped and groped. Mostly breasts, briefly, from different angles.

Grabbed by her arms and dragged to a shed where she is thrown on a pile of hay and held down, still wearing her shoes. Medium-close shot, with full frontal and brief rear nudity.

Raped, with minimal nudity, close up of her face. Close by, full frontal nude shot while she is being held down after her rape, mostly her breasts with a peek at her pubes.

Then raped and sodomized, with full frontal and rear nudity, medium-close shot.

Shown laying on her back, sobbing, side nudity, one breast and some rear thigh, from a few feet away.

Hauled up and then put on her knees to peform (implicit) oral sex on a third guy, very brief frontal nudity. {Columbia TriStar version; this last scene may have been cropped as stills from European web sites show more full frontal nudity while she is dragged to her feet.)

Later on, a brief scene showing the tips of her breasts, soaking herself in a bathtub.

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