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Jordana Leigh
Stevarooni was written on March 2, 2014

Modeling for posterity

Around 7 1/2 minutes in, Bill Zebub pulls down Jordana's bra and panties (she's supposed to be unconscious) and takes pictures of her slit and breasts. Lots of excellent, clear views of her body in good lighting. The topic of the movie might detract, but no more of Jordana's body could be seen without gynecology equipment. Her nudity...most of her scene...lasts almost 40 minutes and is included in some flashbacks at the end of the movie.

Lydia Lael
Stevarooni was written on March 2, 2014

Not a lot of acting involved, but visibility is high.

Much as with Jordana, Lydia acts as the nude, sometimes-bound victim to Bill Zebub's evil clown. The camera plays over her body as she's positioned and taunted. Lots of lingering looks at her body, with lighting that's about as good as in any office. She's as nude as Jordana, but doesn't do quite the same degree of spreading. This scene/nude photo shoot starts at around 47 minutes in, and lasts for about 39 minutes.

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