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Sturm, Heather 1 Review
Righetti, Amanda 1 Review
Rigazio, Bethany 1 Review
Pederson, Kathleen 1 Review
Forsman, Abigail 1 Review
Dicillo, Dana 1 Review

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Heather Sturm
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

Another topless death scene

Another guess as her name is victim 2 and she dies second.

She starts off laying on the ground clothed. The killer goes on to cut her shirt off with a knife exposing her breasts. The scene then cuts to her tied up topless. Then a close up on her throat as it is sliced the back out to her topless and now dead.

Amanda Righetti
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

Naked throughout the movie

Amanda is a Rising star so I had to review this. She would of got 4 stars except all her full nude scenes were shot from the side. So we never got a straight on Full nude. Amanda was a fresh 18 year old here having done a couple movies as a kid and one episode of CSI before this. So this was her first movie as an adult and she sure made use of it.
She plays the lead female role she enters the movie at:
20:05 wearing a black bikini and carrying a whip. She models it for a minute then it cuts to backstage.
21:05 backstage you see her naked butt and back as she starts to change clothes. She turns towards the camera and you see her breasts from the side then full on. She puts on bra and panties and chats with the lead actor this way until they have sex.
23:00 it cuts to a sex scene she starts off in a police uniform which comes off quickly. You see many shots of her breasts and a shot of her butt in lacy boy short panties. She then performs a fake soft core porn late night cinemax style blow job on the lead actor while topless.

You don't wait long for the next scene.
She has sex here the scene starts out with her and the lead actor in bed kissing and talking with her in lingerie. This scene has no breast shot as the lead puts her on her stomach and removes her panties. You do get a nice look of her butt during the pantie removal and sex though.

Next scene is far off i personally recommend the fast forward button as the movie is crap story wise.
42:30 the scene starts with her in lingerie talking about relationship stuff. It quickly escalates into sex with many looks at her breasts with her on the bottom. She then rides him with more breast views. She then gives him another fake soft core porn blow job before continuing the sex.
46:57 scene ends short story interlude but don't fast forward you'll miss the naked models dancing.
47:42 she appears on stage topless but with painted nipples. Does a little dance where we see her nice butt in a thong. The scene ends at 48:30 with her walking off stage with another look at her breast and painted nips.

Fast forward time
Nice long sex scene starts with her bring what looks to be breakfast in bed to the lead nude wearing an apron. She loses the apron pretty quick and we get nice looks at her breast and butt. Some nice full nudes shot from the side. Also during sex we get nice view of her breasts hanging as she bends over on top of him.

The last scene for Amanda is a quicky.
Having had some wine spilled on her she goes off to shower. some story happens and we rejoin her for 10 seconds of breast filled glory. She is in a glass shower. She then turns it off and gets out to dry off. Breast are visible the entire time.

Bethany Rigazio
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

topless death scene

Her character name is victim #1 so i am making an educated guess and talking about the movies opening murder scene.
You get many looks at this Blond girls naked breast as the killer traces up and down her body with his knife before he kills her.

Kathleen Pederson
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

Redheaded Desk Clerk

Two stars because it's purely Breast only.
She plays a hotel desk clerk at a hotel with a nice surprise, it's clothing optional. You see a couple random naked girls as the lead walks into the hotel. He proceeds to talk to a pretty redhead at the desk. She happens to be topless with some very nice perky breasts that are always on display.

Abigail Forsman
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

Naked flashes through out

gets one star because never get a full naked breast. When you see nipple it's because the clothing was pushed to the side. As well as every scene is quick with quick camera pans. This is also another guess as she is dressed like an angel and the Character is called Angel.

She has large fake breasts the movie starts off with flashes of her and ends with flashes of her. The rest of the time you see her she is either quickly followed by, or surrounded by a crowd of naked girls and guys having sex while being watched by guys in masks. What this has to do with the movie i don't know. Except that it adds a lot of nice naked eye candy at various points during the movie.

Dana Dicillo
eaglefish69 was written on December 24, 2008

Topless in bed

This may not be her but is an educated guess based off of character names in the cast list of the movie.

This is a very attractive dark haired Brunette who is laying on her back topless. You get a nice long good look at her breast as a black guy does his version of foreplay on her. The leads cop character comes in and breaks it up and you get some fleeting glimpses of breast, butt and side breast.

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