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Jessica Mark
Immy was written on December 16, 2005

Topless twice

Jessica's one and only film role is this sexy singer. She and Chanda do a striptease duet on stage (0:10, in red lingerie then topless for over a minute). Then she films a music video with Chanda, again topless (0:36). Hard-looking, oddly-shaped boobs but a pretty meaty part for a one-timer.

Maria Ford
Immy was written on December 16, 2005


Maria's pancake nips can be seen a few times in this action flick. She plays a cop protecting Jessica Mark, a singer who fears for her life. While she's staying at Jessica's home some bad guys break in and she fights them off with some fancy martial arts moves---all while wearing only thong panties (0:41, over a minute of topless high-kicking!). Then her cop buddy decides to stay also and they have a hot session in bed (0:45, topless only but some energetic cowgirl-style ridin' by Maria). Finally the killer forces her to dance onstage intead of Jessica and she does a striptease like an old pro (0:59, topless in a g-string). As mentioned before her butt is second to none.

Immy was written on December 16, 2005

Topless twice

Chanda has two decent length topless scene. First she and Jessica Mark perform a striptease/musical number on stage while helping each other take off their bustiers (0:09, Chanda's the blonde and first to show her enhanced hooters). Then she's topless once again while shooting a music video with Jessica (0:36, shorter duration this time and she starts out half nude rather than stripping).

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