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Philip Haas

Angels and Insects' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Kensit, Patsy 8 Reviews

Angels and Insects' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Rylance, Mark 5 Reviews
Henshall, Douglas 9 Reviews

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Patsy Kensit
lattara was written on February 7, 2001

Patsy's Pubes

I have to disagree to an extent with the previous reviewer. Patsy is very slender here but to me her body looks gymnast-toned rather than skinny. She's always had small pert breasts (which get some exposure here) and any recent increases may be down to a little surgery.... More to the point as her groom appraoches on the wedding night there is a (fairly brief) full body shot that reveals Patsy's golden (ok, light brown) triangle. That's gotta be worth something.

krisschu9 was written on June 27, 1999

In bed with her husband

The nudity here may be better than only 3 stars, but Patsy Kensit is kinda flat and not as pretty as I remember her in Lethal Weapon 2. The first nude scene occurs about 55 min. into the film...right after she gets married they hump on her bed. It's good nudity but filmed through this semi-opaque curtain-thing around the bed. The best nude scene is about 10 min. after the first. We get her small boobies and BUSH!!! as well. There are also 1 or 2 shorter (ie. 1-2 second) nude scenes that follow. Good nudity but I wish she looked better.

deleuze was written on February 6, 1999

some sex scenes including full frontal nudity

smart film, good actress, and excellent nude scenes.

jaykay was written on August 29, 1999

full frontal nudity

patsy gets it all off here, but she ain't as nice as she is in other films, a few pretty erotic sex scenes also.

Brokencake was written on February 5, 2000

What A Disappointment

Coming from a big fan of Patsy...this absolutely blows. She had lost a lot of weight around this time, and, therefore, her body absolutely sucks compared to it's normal (morning)glory (for those who think this is how she normally looks, recent photoshoots have again proven that she is indeed the owner of a great rack). You see her simulate sex through a vail, where you only really see her nipples. A little later you see her nude on her bed, and, coming from a big fan, this didn't even turn me on. It's poorly shot, her body is horrendously thin, and it's all a wash. All this happens around the 50 minute mark. An alright film I guess, but certainly not a great one and certainly not one for Patsy fans.

BiBoySTL was written on November 4, 1999

Full frontal muff

As she lays in bed, you can see everything of Patsy, but she isnt my taste at all. Her chin is a BIG turn off, but at least she has no fear in nudity.

Gordon was written on January 13, 2000

sex in bed and laying in bed

You first see Patsy nude right after she gets married and she's in bed with her husband. She's on her hands and knees, and her husband is shagging her from behind. You don't see it too clearly, since there's a sheer curtain around the bed, but you see enough and you get to her get it off. Not too long after that scene is another where she's lying in bed, and you see her breasts and even her bush quite clearly. Nice body; too bad her breasts are so small.

babon was written on February 23, 2000

Full Frontal

In bed with husband

Mark Rylance
BiBoySTL was written on November 4, 1999


You can see his ass here, but the real nudity gems come from his co-stars.

JayP was written on October 22, 2002


Just a few obscured views through a net curtain. Not very exciting

sam was written on September 27, 1998

Sex scene

You can see Mark's butt as he fucks Patsy Kensit.

hickeyfan was written on June 8, 2013

Better views in other films

His butt can be seen, while having sex with his wife. Only problem, hes seen through a curtain, so the views are hazy

babon was written on February 23, 2000


Butt in bed with Patsy, viewed thru a curtain

Douglas Henshall
hornyhornyhorny was written on August 6, 2007


when he gets out of bed and goes to do up his pants you see his rock hard cock sticking straight up. damn i would have been hard to doing that scene with her.

buffwatcher was written on July 31, 1999

Jumping out of bed with Kensit

One of the first full frontal erection scenes allowed in a mainstream movie. And what an erection !!. As he attempts to pull on his trousers his hard dick is bouncing all over the place. He appears uncircumcised.

JayP was written on October 22, 2002

getting out of bed

very surprising nude scene, but v nice. He has a nice sized penis and it looks pretty damn good!!! The film is wank though

BiBoySTL was written on November 4, 1999


Brave actor.. after he gets caught having sex with his sister ;) he jumps out of bed with a full hard-on! I was very surprised, too bad the movie is boring as hell.

Anonymous, Italy was written on September 30, 1998

Frontal with erection

Clear frontal shots while dressing, with an evident hard-on

hickeyfan was written on June 8, 2013


Hes caught having sex, and he gets up and tries to push his erect penis inside his pants. A very actor to shoot this scene

Ruth was written on June 11, 2002

Lenghty Full Frontal with Semi Erection

After the husband finds him in bed with his wife Douglas runs for his clothes and covers himself. Then the husband, in shock tells him to dress and leave. Just when we think it's over, Henshall let's down his arms and reaches for his trousers exposing his very well endowed, semi erect, flopping uncircumcised penis. The camera remains on him as he clothes himself. We are treated with at least 10 seconds of uniterrupted semi erection. Then he hooks his trousers to his suspenders and his fly is open exposing his thick patch of BLACK pubic hair, which is funny because the actor is a goldilocks! The husband tells him to leave again and the last shot of Henshall leaving still has his black pubic hair in perfect view.

Wow, most films that show men during or after sex DO NOT show with hard-on or even Semi. Henshall is definitely hard, but to the point where he's going soft. So it's semi, half mass, so to speak. Kudos for the actor, and very well endowed might I add, gives Ewen McGregor a run for his money!!

babon was written on February 23, 2000

Erect Penis

Erect penis, frontal shot while trying to put on pants

Dickie was written on February 23, 2000

Erect penis

One star for being brave!Nice attempt to display an erected, though shorter-than-average, penis.

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