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Animal Instincts' Sexy Actresses

Actresses appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Whirry, Shannon 7 Reviews
Sheppard, Delia 1 Review
O'Connell, Lynette 2 Reviews

Animal Instincts' Sexy Actors

Actors appearing nude or sexy in this ...

Reilly, Tom 1 Review
Johnston, Bobby 1 Review
Fiachi, Stephen 2 Reviews

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Shannon Whirry
owsama was written on February 23, 2001

All the scences were good

Shannon's tits are so big, you just want to suck them all day, lucky bastards, these actors who fucked her in this film...however its so sad not to see any one eat her pussy

Winchester was written on October 19, 1999

Yeh... Get the unrated version

I think miss Shannon is an amazing lust machine,at rated or unrated version she has a pretty face and lethal body; but definitivelly the unrated version of this movie is far the best, you can see her full frontal nude when she takes off her bath suit in front her onanistic neighbour and at the photographic session, nice. but the hottest cut-off you can see is a good and explicit lesbian scene in the unrated version with Shannon and her girlfriend wearing sexy lingerie and interweaving her tongues (may be you realize that Shannon's tongue-action-kisses are a highly erotic and exciting trade-mark of her sex scenes), too hot, even at a softcore sex film. Go and check it out!

CMA was written on May 1, 1999

Breasts = Main Attraction

Miss Whirry's global endowments are, to put it mildly, breathtaking. There were several moments while watching this film in which I simply sighed in amazement at the awesome sight before me. This film has a couple of quality sex scenes, and shows just about all there is to see of Shannon. Amazing. Just TRY to keep your hands off yourself during the lingerie trying-on scene, the sex scene with the cable guy, or, hell, just about any scene in which Whirry has her shirt off.

Starduster was written on June 24, 1999

R Rated version is terrible!

Be careful! There are two cuts of this film, R, and Unrated. By all means, get the unrated version, because of the hot scenes, including much of Shannon Whirry's nudity are deleted from the R tape. Example: there is a fantasy lover sequence early in the film, and in the unrated version, Whirry is full frontal in a long scene. In the R tape, she doesn't even get her lingerie off! You won't get off either with the watered-down R video. Make sure you get the Unrated (NR)tape.

Serna was written on November 14, 2000


Shannon looks fantastic in this film and is in underwear or naked most of the time.
The best bits start over the credits with Shannon getting dressed nice and slowly. She runs her hands over her supreme breasts and stocking legs.
Then she fantasizes she is making love with a couple of men in a row. She runs her fingers over herself and then the first man comes in. Tits out immediately. Second man takes her from behind and you get to see her snatch and real close-ups of those tits. She looks great but it's a shame this is one of those erotic vids where it's so obvious they aren't doing it. Next there is a great scene where she is trying on loads of different types of super-sexy underwear, she holds her tits and pokes out her arse in the mirror.
Later she has sex with a cable TV guy. He gets her tits out, kisses her stomach and thighs and she gets on top. Great arse shot as she pumps. She arches her back, and sucks his thumb.
then later again more full frontal with another guy and he gets to take her from behind too.
There's her scene with her, a man and Delia Sheppard in costume. Those soon come off and the girls get their substantial breasts out. They are wearing sussies and stockings.
She dresses in a suit for another guy, great arse shot when she undresses and he pumps her.
Another scene with Sheppard where they both get their tits out. DS caresses her arse and tits and then they move their breasts together.
Then she has a sex scene with Mitch Gaylord. He's sitting up and she's sitting in his lap, her arse going mad with each thrust. She leans back and he holds her hips as she goes up and down on him. Oh!

006 was written on January 30, 1999


Shannon gets naked through out the showA must see

sirspread was written on January 3, 2003


plenty of action especially the opening part of the film but i would only reccomend it to lovers of oversize boobs like whirrys

Delia Sheppard
Serna was written on November 14, 2000


She enters the room with a guy and starts to get hot with Shannon Whirry.
They get their tits out and start to kiss and fondle. She's wearing stockings and suspenders.
Later she goes with SW alone and they get their tits out. She caresses SW and then they push their big melons together. DS also shows her arse in this scene.

Lynette O'Connell
Captin_Pervo was written on February 2, 2001

Shannon Whirry makes Christmas cum early

Shannon Whirry is HOT. In this movie her creamy white jugs are prominently displayed in scene after scene. 4 used kleenex.

Serna was written on November 14, 2000

Sex with a cop

She is the redhead taken into a cell by a cop. They are watched having sex.
She is on top of him, moaning loadly and talking dirty.
Great tits and arse, especially as it bucks away on him. There is a flashback later with a close up of that great backside.

Tom Reilly
Ozzie700 was written on May 27, 2002

Talk about a close-up!

Tom is a shy john whom Shannon quickly seduces, about 38 minutes in. After she starts undressing him, there's a VERY brief shot of his full, firm cheeks in direct view of the camera, almost covering the camera. He's done slightly better nudity under a different name, but I can't remember the other name.

Bobby Johnston
Ozzie700 was written on May 27, 2002

Only Reason to Watch

A young Bobby, still with the long hair of his Playgirl photos, is the cable guy. About 27 or 28 minutes in, he trades some atrocious porn-type dialogue ("servicing inside and outside", etc.) with Shannon before he gives in to temptation. During the sex, there's a very clear shot of the pouch he's wearing, along with a poor shot of his rear. When Maxwell Caulfield walks in, Bobby gathers his clothes and runs, and you get a great look at Bobby's meaty cheeks (looking incredible here) as he runs out of the house. Even if his chest is shaved here, his few minutes are the only reason to watch this poor collection of C-list actors, unless you're a fan of Shannon Whirry's mammary glands. If so, enjoy yourself.

Stephen Fiachi
Ozzie700 was written on May 27, 2002


Stephen plays Dana, and no one named Dana has a nude scene in this film. The film has 3 nude scenes with men showing anything: 1 w/Bobby Johnston, 1 w/Tom Reilly, and 1 with a character named Mark whom I didn't even see in the credits. I don't even know who Dana was in the film.

Ozzie700 was written on May 27, 2002

R version

I wanted to add that I saw the R-rated version of the film. Maybe the unrated version has more extensive male nudity.

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