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William Gregory Lee
ravenboy was written on February 6, 2002

Brief, but beautiful buns

William's characte gets out of bed nude after having sex for the first time with a man. Relatively brief buns shot, but not really short either. What makes it erotic is the camera panning up over his body as he gets out of be with another guy before he shows his assets.

Mattg was written on February 7, 2002

Hot guy and nice ass

He plays the hot straight guy who has sex with his gay male roommate. Movie was overall really poorly written, but there were some good shots and direction, although not consistently. The scene where the gay lead has sex with a woman is far too long and more explicit. But it at least got me excited about what was likely coming, no pun intended, the gay sex scene. Unfortunately, there's no gay sex scene. We just get a jump from the car scene when they kiss (was that supposed to make their sex inevitable - sorry bad writer - but no.) Then the next thing we know is that the two men are naked in bed waking up in the morning - and yes, this very cute actor gives us a very nice butt shot getting out of bed, and you get a very clear shot of his cock between his legs before he puts on his shorts. Too bad I had to sit through so much of this before getting to this scene. Luckily, has a fast forward button.

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