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Après-ski's Sexy Actresses

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Lomez, Céline 1 Review
Lévesque, Mariette 1 Review
Coutu, Angèle 1 Review
Champagne, Carmen 1 Review

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Céline Lomez
Immy was written on May 12, 2009


Céline isn't shy about showing off her fabulous body in this ski comedy (also known as "Snowballin'"). As each character is introduced we see her waking up in bed and emerging nude from under the covers (0:07). This is a brief preview of the actual scene at (0:25). We see another full frontal shot as a drunk Daniel Pilon stumbles into her room at night and pulls back her blankets (0:39). When he wakes up really hung over the next morning she helps him out, in more ways than one (0:41, 3+ minutes of nudity and simu-sex). Should also mention her great tanlines.

Mariette Lévesque
Immy was written on May 12, 2009

Butt and left breast

Considering how much skin is on display in this Canadian ski comedy, Mariette's exposure is pretty conservative. We first see her when she's posing for a photographer (0:08, butt and brief left breast). Then she has a brief encounter in bed with ski instructor Daniel Pilon (1:05, nice close-up as he nibbles her left breast.

Angèle Coutu
Immy was written on May 12, 2009


Angèle plays a ski bunny in this early soft-core comedy. New instructor Daniel Pilon is trying to find his room at the ski lodge when he walks in on Angèle and a guy in bed (0:03). She was just pulling her sweater over her head when he came in and it ended up stuck over her face, exposing her boobs to some squeezes and smooches from the guys (A bit of this scene is shown again at 0:07). She doesn't show skin again until she and Celine Lomez lay in bed getting stoned. As they get comfy they each take off their sweaters (0:54, topless in panties) and eventually rip apart some pillows, sending feathers everywhere.

Carmen Champagne
Immy was written on May 12, 2009


Outrageous, skin-saturated Canadian ski comedy features a naked woman just about every five minutes. During one evening of partying at the lodge, ski instructor Daniel Pilon's buddies surprise him in his room with Carmen, who removes a fur coat (0:34) and wears nothing underneath. She tries to seduce him but for some reason he instead convinces her to jump off their second story balcony into a snowbank (0:36) still nude! A few minutes later she's seen walking around outside naked again when she bumps into a naked guy (0:40). Wild!

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