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Brad Renfro
Loke was written on September 21, 1999

An Exciting Moment!

You have to hand it to Brad ... he certainly had the guts to bare it all at his young age.

DSKestrel was written on February 25, 2000

better on the big screen

there was a lot of hubbub about this scene before the film was released, involving the improper filming of juveniles nude or something, but nevertheless it is an important scene in the movie. renfro gives the full monty, though the camera never reveals it all, only slight glimpses.there's a brief shot of renfro's upper buttocks as he goes for the shower, and then he turns enough to see some pubic hair. later, after he's hallucinated that the others in the showers are old, emaciated jewish men, there's a wide shot of the shower with just brad standing there, and though it's from farther away, there's a clear shot of the majority of his bottom.the home video versions pale to the big screen, but dvd may offer more of the in-theater feel

emcee26 was written on October 22, 1998

Brief and Boyish

In the shower scene, you see the topof his butt and his pubes. Nice Armpits and Chest!!!

Scotty was written on October 22, 1998

Shower scene.

You see his butt and some pubic hair. He is so cute. He also has a nice chest. You see other guys in the shower with him.

movieviewer was written on May 9, 1999

partial rear in shower

Brad gets naked and showers with seven or eight other guys in his high school gym shower. We see the asses of six of these lads and a not very good side view of the penis of one of them. We never get a full rear view of Brad, but we do get a parial view of his upper ass. I wanted to see more! Twice, for a couple of frames each, we get to see Brad's pubic hair. This shower scene gained some notariety when the mothers of the showering youths sued people involved with the movie claiming that they were pedophiles who just wanted to see their sons naked. I don't know what happened to the suit.

punkboner was written on March 6, 2006

Shower scene with holocaust overtones

Brad Renfro's behind is seen a little here. I think it is kind of cool that after he has the hallucination is lower back and ass are red from the hot water that he has stood under for a long time. Brad's comfort with this scene is what makes it good. He undresses before in the locker room and seems self conscious as all boys do in the locker room, but not overly so. He is a natural at nude scenes and needs to do more. I read an interview with him where he said "it takes a lot to embarrass Brad Renfro". His cavalier performances in "Tom and Huck" and "Bully" prove this. Let's face it, "Tom and Huck" should have had some nudity, and I think Brad would have done it.

Tyler was written on December 29, 1999


this scene is great! we see brad's pubic hair, and his butt! you can also se at least 8 rears and the dick of brad neighboor's in the shower!!

LMZX was written on November 12, 2004

Shower Scene--READ THIS...


You can see much more of Renfro and this entire shower scene if you watch this movie in the full screen (4:3) and not the wide screen (16:9) mode.

This movie was shot in Super 35, which means it was basically shot in an aspect ratio suited to a regular TV, and then the movie version was matted out. So when you watch Apt Pupil in the 4:3 (full screen) mode, you see more of the scene!

power was written on July 2, 2000


After the gym, Renfro takes a shower. You see the ass of the students in the school. But from Renfro, you see the top of his ass ans some pubic hairs. A good scene, sexy.

tushlover was written on April 21, 2007

shower scene`

This is the type of a scene I refer to as a "teaser". You get to see the the very top of hs butt. For crying out loud, either show it all or don't show anything! I dislike "teasers".

DUCKMEATgosling was written on November 18, 2007


In the shower you can see his ass. the camara lowers so you can see it and its pretty nice except when it turns into older guys

But its a nice butt shot

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