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Sylvia Kristel
WLoomis was written on March 19, 2003

Wet t-shirts

I saw this POS on Starz a few days ago. This aired on Playboy Channel in the late 80's and is also known as Sylvia Kristel's Desires. Sylvia Kristel's fan's desires go unanswered, cause she never gets naked! Imagine that, Sylvia with her clothes on! This movie blows, partially because she doesn't. She does wear very skimpy tops which are totally transparent when she walks out of the water. And in one scene these guys have knocked out her boyfriend and are bathing her with a sponge. She's wearing a sheer white dress and her breasts and nipples poke out.

BM was written on June 3, 2004

Nip Slip

Sylvia is in a white dress, open in front and has taken her boyfriend, who has been bitten by a snake, to a nearby garage. After she gets off the bike, first one nipple, then the other become visible. The only other thing approaching nudity for her in this awful movie is the wet yellow material we can see through early in the film.

Teresa Gilmore-Capps
WLoomis was written on March 19, 2003

Cut the hair!

Teresa is a hot-blooded mamacita here, getting screwed from behind by Gary Graham. But her hair is covering most of her breasts, meaning that I could see her nipples maybe three times at best. The director of this thing sucked.

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