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Yasmine Dahm
muckster was written on July 19, 2007

Ooh la-la! Qu'est-ce qui arrive?

Yasmine whips 'em out enticingly on the front cover art for this French poltergeist flick, but as luck would have it that shot appears nowhere within the film itself. Apparently she was the top teen model of her day, and she certainly looks it. Playing the adolescent daughter of a family living in an isolated villa in the country, she starts off in pigtails but rapidly changes to a look straight off the front cover of Vogue.

Misleadingly re-titled Expulsion of the Devil to cash in on the Exorcist boom, this pioneering chiller is more art-house than exploitation. It's slow-paced and often clumsy, but is intensely strange and has many surreal surprises. We wait for most of the film for Yasmine's nude scene, and when it finally arrives the circumstances are typically uncanny. To avoid spoilers I won't go into too many details. Basically she just undresses, pulling her jumper over her head to leave her standing naked from the waist up thus exposing her pretty A-cups. It's a bit dark, but the shot is held for several seconds and we see all that needs to be seen.

It's worth mentioning that the subtitled version I saw was so disjointed it felt like it had been cut and there may be a version out there that shows more of Miss Dahm. One edit in particular was incredibly jarring, but maybe it was supposed to seem like that.

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