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2010 Online Crush 1 Review

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Online Crush (2010)
McKinnon was written on October 17, 2011


Early in the movie Aubrey has a sex scene with her boyfriend. They're mostly against the edge of the bathtub. There's a full frontal glimpse of her shaved dark patch and her decently enhanced 32Cs, followed by mostly shots of her being taken from behind or sitting on his lap and bouncing up and down. They have a lot of chemistry and the scene comes across as playful and romantic. This scene lasts about 4 minutes, from about :2-:6. About 5 minutes after this her boyfriend finds a video of her with another man, shot on a bed, with various glimpses (intercut with an argument) of her on her side, kneeling with the guy taking her from behind, some of her sitting on his lap. Brief flashes but some other shots of her breasts bouncing. This goes on about 4-5 minutes, including the cutaways. At about an hour and 4 minutes she makes one last appearance, mostly on her back as she is being eaten out, then plowed into. More jiggling in closeup. She's straddling Jarod Diamond, facing him then facing the other way, jostling away, when she's caught in the act and jumps off of him (mostly a breast glimpse before she covers up). This ends at about 1:08. This scene is intercut with scenes of a car driving to the house. The only scene which doesn't feel choppy is the first.

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