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Mimsy Farmer
ATL was written on December 19, 1999

Topless in front of the mirror

Mimsy has quite a few topless scenes in this foreign film. Anyway, when she stands in front of the mirror, you get a good view of her small breasts.

Barry Primus
MisterTeas was written on October 22, 2007

Ass while lying on floor

The mystery killer, whose identity is obvious, drugs Mimsy Farmer and Barry Primus and leaves them lying on the floor (naked, just because) with the gas turned on. Okay look at Barry's ass, and he's nicely put together, but it could have--and should have--been more.

Raymond Lovelock
MisterTeas was written on October 22, 2007

Sex scene

Brief, indistinct frontal and a good ass and balls shot (not to mention a good ass and balls) as he rolls onto Mimsy Farmer during a sex scene. Decent amount of nudity from an attractive actor, but not enough to make this overlong, frustrating movie worth watching.

travisarmand was written on February 28, 2009

two love scenes

there are two love scenes, handfsome sexy Ray Lovelock and beautiful Mimsy farmer,
oh Ray lobvelock has the best 'male butt', 'lower back' see him while he does make love performance, really turn on wow

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