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Jacques Nolot
spanishirish was written on April 27, 2013

Quite a lot of the mature Nolot on display

This film,written by, directed by and starring French actor Jacques Nolot is a very frank and honest account of an old gay man's desires.
Nolot - a fairly handsome 60+ man - opens the film coughing and sick in bed. He is pretty much naked for the first 15 minutes as he saunters around his apartment. The lighting is dim but he goes in and out of the kitchen totally naked and you see his bare back and bum very well,
In the kitchen he s making a hot drink and you see him nude from the side with only a glimpse of penis.
But when he gets out of bed again, you get an almost close-up frontal.
The lighting - as I said- is dim(ish) but not THAT dark and you can make out his aged nude form and his pot belly on an otherwise slim body and slight man-boobs (but he is aged and supposedly ailing)

Later on there is a scene where he hires a young rent boy and both Nolot and the young 20-something actor are both nude. Nolot performs oral sex on the young man but you see it from the back view.
Then -the most surprising moment - the lad gets the old man onto all 4s and begins to fuck him from behind, quite vigorously.
Here, you see Nolot's bare bum again and nude side view as he is (supposedly) penetrated.

I thought this was a rather brave, frank film for a rspected French mature actor to make. Considering Nolot wrote and directed it he certainly didn't shy away from the nudity and (almost graphic) sex scenes.

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