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1995 Without Mercy 1 Review

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Without Mercy (1995)
Immy was written on December 10, 2005

Breast glimpses

Ayu plays the "property" of crime kingpin Martin Kove but ex-Marine John Zagarino gets the sack time with her. Their first encounter doesn't start off well as John roughly bends her over a couch (0:30, she's wearing a bedsheet and both boobs escape briefly) but ends up better in a prolonged sudsy bathtub session. Her boobs are mostly seen either in profile or from above with only one close-up glimpse of the left one, and her hair gets in the way a lot. At 0:54 there are a couple of left nip slips when they got at it in bed but nothing very revealing. Ayu more than resembles a young Laura Gemser.

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