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year title
1995 Deadly Past 2 Reviews
1991 Family Matter, A 1 Review
1983 Portfolio 1 Review

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Deadly Past (1995)
thedoc was written on June 5, 2002


she did no nudity in this movie there was a body double.........

Bay-Bee was written on October 10, 2000

Bare breast and nipple

If I remember correctly Carol is on a couch making love to a guy and has flashbacks in black and white fading to color of a time she made love in a car. There are a few good shots of her breasts in this scene and it is well lit.

Family Matter, A (1991)
Immy was written on February 25, 2005

Left breast (1:08)

Ex-supermodel Carol gets hot 'n' heavy with Eric Roberts. As they feverishly undress each other most of her butt is visible in the thong panties she wears. Once he takes off her bra most of her left boob is on display from the side but no clear nipple is seen. Roberts picks Carol up and brings her to a couch and it's obvious she gets a little self-conscious about her exposure. She not-so-subtly tucks in her left elbow so she doesn't show too much as she's laid on her back. No fair Carol!

Portfolio (1983)
MrBungle was written on December 18, 1999

sheer top

There is a scene in this movie where Carol is trying on an outfit for a photo shoot and you can see her breasts and nipples through a sheer top.

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