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1984 Heartbreakers 2 Reviews

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Heartbreakers (1984)
LeroyBrown was written on February 4, 2001

Brief topless scene

The woman of my pubescent dreams topless!!! Yes I remember her as Johnny Carson's matinee or tea time lady. I also remember her as Bootsie Nightingale the only woman to appear on "I Dream of Jeannie" that was actually hotter than Barbara Eden. I hesitated to review this performance earlier because I wanted to see the film again so I could give a better description. She's a model who does mostly S&M, dominatrix poses. She does a striptease for the two lead guys in the movie. She strips down to her white bikini and then takes off her size 42 C cup bra and she was just wearing her thong, she has an amazing buttocks. Unfortunately our first glimpse of her remarkable God Given breasts were on a set of 6 mirrors arrange in a pentagram with one mirror in the middle, not a very good look. Then she gets into bed with the two guys and we get quick glimpses of one nipple, finally when one guy left we see her on her back and we finally see both her breasts but briefly, overall a wasted opportunity to showcase this incredible woman. She was in her early 40's when this film was shot and she still had a body that could stop a truck. She died not too long after this movie was made. Her nudity in this film is nowhere near as good as her nudity in the February 1984 issue of Playboy which I still have and will hold on to until I die! YOU'RE WELCOME TO TRY AND PRY IT OUT OF MY COLD DEAD HANDS!!!

jimmysays was written on January 30, 2001

Threesome with Peter Coyote and Nick Mancuso

Loved this movie and found Carol Wayne as wonderful as ever. (She used to be on the Tonight Show with Johnny and tease him mercilously.) In this scene, CW strips naked and gets busy with the two boys who play best friends in the movie. A rather long and extremely sexy scene. If you are an old time CW fan, this is a must-see.

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