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Franz, Dennis 3 Reviews
Cage, Nicolas 5 Reviews

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Dennis Franz
wheble2299 was written on June 23, 2000

butt shot

ALthough Franz in not that attractive it was surprising to see his butt. Its a distant shot but you can tell that he has a fat ass.

babon was written on February 19, 2000


swimming - underwater shot of his package

Me was written on November 22, 1998

The beach, as the Angels are hearing the sunrise

If you're a Franz fan, you'll dig this. Just the view from behind, but a lot better than his NYPD Blue flash.

Nicolas Cage
moviestuff was written on July 28, 2003



SGMUSUK was written on July 20, 2001

Brief Penis/Ass Shot

As Nicolas Cage Steps Into The Shower You See A Side View Of His Ass And If You Look Closely You Can See His Penis Very Briefly.

SuperSka was written on July 4, 1999

brief penis shot

After his steamy love scene with Meg Ryan, he walks into a large stone shower, naked. We can see his ass from the side, and then when he thrusts his body forward, we get a quick shot of his penis as it flops forward. It's pretty good-sized for being flaccid.

Boss was written on November 19, 1998

love scene after Cage falls

To make all the pain and sacrifice worth it, this scene lets us, the human race, make it up to the fallen angel. He is treated to a super session of love when he finally decides to take the plunge. The scene doesn't show much, but it makes you feel a lot-- and that's a trademark of good movies. We ache right along with Cage when he discovers the wonder of sex. Good acting on both there parts. I can't believe they weren't really alone on the set!

babon was written on January 1, 2000


Shadow - but you see his penis move, when he steps into a hot shower,yells and jumps

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