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2001 Passion Crimes 2 Reviews

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Passion Crimes (2001)
Chicago was written on June 13, 2002

1 scene

Diana couldn't be found on imdb but that's her credited name at the end of the movie...too bad because she's got a long, great f/f-turn-f/f/m at :33.5-:38.75. Diana plays Raquel, the guy's fmr. wife, who's 'caught' by him lying naked on the bed (ass as shot from the base of the bed) with Lauren. He pulls her away (breasts, mohawk pubes), she tackles him on the bed and they start a 3-some. While she's got an average body, she has a pierced belly-button and tongue which adds to it, and she just does a GREAT job...ass on knees simu-oraling, erect nips; sucks, licks and grabs Lauren's breasts aggressively; realistically masturbates in the background as the guy and Lauren have sex; the guy bangs her doggie-style as she simu-orals Lauren. Overall, very nice scene. Despite her about-average body, hopefully, she'll do more.

skinnymax was written on July 29, 2002

Only one scene

Diana is actaully credited as Diana Espen. Very pretty small but perky breasted blond that has a 3 way with hubby and maid. Obviously not a shy girl as she quickly straddles her hubby's face, and eventully simu 69's him. She evntually takes it in the dog while simu oraling the Maid (Lauren). Overall a hot scene. Diana...in this scene at least has peaked my interest, as she pushed the limits of soft core. Her masturbation was also very realistic, I will be looking out for more of her in the future. Worth a look.

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