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2006 Candy 3 Reviews
1973 Death Smiled at Murder 1 Review
1970 Start the Revolution Without Me 2 Reviews

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Candy (2006)
Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

Stripping in an airplane and having her shirt ripped off

In one scene Ewa is in the cockpit of an airplane and strips as a guy watches. It's kind of dark and her long blonde tresses cover her breasts much of the time, but there are still glimpses of her nice breasts and the rest of her trim, sexy body. In another scene her shirt is ripped off, revealing her breasts. Ewa has an innocent yet very sexy way about her that is irresistable.

007 was written on July 16, 1999

The scene where she is in the airplane with Walter Mathau

Ewa Aulin is a beautiful actress who plays Candy with the right degree of naivety. When she sits up in the cockpit and the light is behind her, it is a sight to behold. There are other scenes in this movie which display her charms.

vizier was written on September 6, 2016

wrong year

this film actually came out in 1968....do not know where someone came up with 2006

Death Smiled at Murder (1973)
muckster was written on July 26, 2007

Blonde babe in a bathcap

This gorgeous mess of a film was cobbled together by sleazemeister Joe D'Amato from varied horror and giallo influences. Greta von Holstein (Ewa) lands at the mansion of Walter and Eva von Ravensbrück when her carriage overturns. The well-to-do young couple are delighted to take in the lost amnesiac girl while she recovers. If only they'd bothered to read Carmilla they might have suspected what an ungrateful little minx the beautiful blue-eyed blonde would turn out to be.

Dr. Klaus Kinski is called in to examine Greta. A curt "get undressed please" and she slowly begins to peel. The doctor turns his back and leafs through a book while slyly eyeing the girl up in the mirror, plus the housemaid is secretly peeping in through a crack in the door, so the voyeuristic potential of the scene is adequately covered. Greta shows us what the height of fashion was for ladies' undergarments back in 1909, but sadly very little else. But at least the edges of her nipples appear to be spilling out of her bodice and this is confirmed in close-ups. After some earlier abortive attempts at nudity in the opening sequence this coyness is starting to get frustrating, but patience will be rewarded.

At last we come across Greta soaping herself in the bath. She's turned over on her side, a very curvaceous hip and breast visible. In creeps Eva who is obviously going through difficult times as for no clearly apparent reason she pushes Greta's head under the water and tries to hold it there! This makes for some very nice shots of Greta struggling in the soapy water but somehow she avoids exposing any more of her body. Suddenly Eva relents and calmly hands a towel to Greta, who stands up giving a coy full-length side view and for two frames only a glimpse of her dark pubic hair. Eva then declares her love, disrobes frontally, and they kiss. Cue an abrupt cut to Greta sitting between Walter (who naturally has fallen in love with her too) and Eva at the breakfast table. Hmmm.

It seems like the fun is over, but the sequence continues in a truly classic piece of gentle and lyrical eroticism. As she delicately munches on her orange segments Greta savours the memories of her secret lovemaking, her glance flickering between the couple whose hospitality she is so shamefully abusing. And we get flashbacks! Walter is making love to a naked Eva, and apparently Greta is slowly stroking Eva's body and breasts in close-up but it's difficult to make out who is who. There's some rather dangerous looking bicycle riding thrown in for extra excitement, and things come to a close with Walter undressing Greta down to her frillies in the woodshed. But alas Eva is peeping in on them and from now on it's downhill all the way for everybody concerned...

The plot development is somewhat slow and hopelessly confusing, and all the real nudity is used up in a single burst in the middle, but overall this is definitely worth a look. The tone is a mixture of late period Hammer horror and classic Italian giallo, but like any D'Amato film it has a strange sickly atmosphere all of its own. Events are played out as normal even when they are just plain wrong. Take the scene at the beginning with Greta in a white dress being playfully chased through an orchard in slow motion by her boyfriend. It sounds very clichéd, but in this case the boyfriend is a lumbering hunchback, and also her brother. Oh and if you feel you've heard the beautiful theme music before don't say so in public as it turns out to have been re-used to accompany the teddy bear masturbation scenes in Malabimba...

Start the Revolution Without Me (1970)
007 was written on July 17, 1999

She is standing in the window in just a nightgown

Ewa is standing the window in a see-thru nightgown with the moonlight shining through her nightgown. It is not really a nude scene, but you can see her beautiful form. She also has a scene where she is showing her birthmark on the bed. It is close to being a topless shot.

sirEctor was written on December 29, 2000

ewa's left breast

in addition to the above-mentioned window scene, we see ewa's left nipple for a second as she lowers her dress off her left shoulder to show gene wilder and his girlfriend a birthmark on her breast. we see the majority of her left breast here. the reason why i give this scene 2 stars despite its brevity is that ewa aulin is so beautiful and innocently sexy and this is her only nude scene that i know of. the movie is also great if you like gene wilder or just silly movies.

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