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2004 Hillside Strangler 1 Review

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Hillside Strangler (2004)
whiteraven was written on August 21, 2010

Nude backside face down in field (murder victim)

Geneviere Anderson plays Tina Mayfield, an outcall escort "hostess" from Glendale who is introduced about the 1:05:15 mark DVD. She is called to a vacant apartment in a high rise by the killers. After she enters she is told she is busted for prostitution and quickly handcuffed. As they go into the hallway, she starts screaming to including saying "Hillside Stranglers" which attracts the attention of the floor's male neighbors. They escape down an outer fire escape and at 1:07:32-37 mark the deceased woman from Glendale is shown completely nude face down. Anderson is quite shapely and reportedly a stunt woman. There is even a hint of pubes.

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