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year title
1988 Backfire 4 Reviews
1984 Until September 13 Reviews
1980 Small Circle of Friends, A 1 Review
1978 Animal House 8 Reviews

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Backfire (1988)
Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

Sex and shower

Karen and a guy have a sex scene in which she reveals her nice ass and breasts. The shower scene reveals pretty much the same. Karen is attractive, but I'm not crazy about her, thus only two stars.

loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

2scenes-1/screwing keith carradine 2/in the shower

fairly hot scene with her sitting in carradine lap. the shower scene is pretty run of the mill as shower scenes go.

Winchester was written on December 15, 1999

Better than nothing...

Well, the sex scene with Mr. Carradine is not so bad, but i've seen better; not much to see, only breast and ass (briefly and a lot o' shadows)... at the shower scene you can see a good shot of Karen's breasts. After all, she looks great in this movie and worth to see her nice mature-woman body nude, even a little bit of her...

urmasr was written on September 13, 2000



Until September (1984)
Gordon was written on September 14, 2001

sex scene and bathtub

Karen has a dark sex scene where she's riding a guy. You kind of see her body, but not too much. A better scene is where she's in the bathtub with her breasts in full view and a guy pulls her out, revealing much of the rest of her body (but no full frontal if I recall correctly).

Tunsa was written on March 17, 2002

breasts AND bush!

At about 40 minutes into movie, she has a sex scene with the French actor. You get a nice view of both of her breasts as she stradles him. Also, nice views of her back. At about 50 minutes in, she is lying in bed after sex and you see her cute butt while she lies face down naked. At about 1:15, Karen gets out of bed naked and you again see her butt and both breasts as she walks across the room. Finally, there is a scene in the bathtub near the end of the movie where you can see her nipples through the suds before her French boyfriend lifts her out of the water. While he pulls her out, you see her completely nude with a brief shot of her bush both from behind (between her legs) and from the front as she rocks backwards in his arms. The sex in this movie is completely tame, but the shots of Karen are great and definitely the most nudity in her films.

MrKeithTalent was written on September 29, 1999

nude in Paris

Best stuff for Karen's fans. She's naked in bed with Thierry Lhermitte. She moves around the room with a quilt/blanket around her. We see her nice little globes and her dark triangle a few times in fleeting glance. She's so cute, so its fun to see her naked and vulnerable.

soulman was written on August 4, 2002


Finally caught this movie last night for the first time in years. If you love Allen and would like to see her nude should see this movie. Various tits and butt shots and a brief pussy/patch patch shot when Lhermitte pulls her out of the bathtub. And she's so cute in this movie with her big blue eyes and cute little freckles. Those who liked her butt shot in ANIMAL HOUSE will love her in this movies.

loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

nice nude scenes

she does have a nice body and shows almost all in the scenes in this movie. this movie shows the most of her body that i have seen.

BMac was written on July 12, 2008

Very cute

Like most, I usually say bigger is better, at least when it comes to gender-specific sexual attractions, but I'm not religious about it. Small-breasted Karen Allen may have less than your average girl next door, but she's still cute. Allen shows a lot at times, but by only intermittently, during sequences from 42 to 44:12, 46:01-39, 1:14.11-25 and 1:25.24-31. There are good views of Allen's little boobies and ass, but her bush is always averted or dark. I wouldn't argue with giving Allen three stars, but much of the time during her nude scenes she's not exposed, and there's more talk than action, so they're not as hot as they might be.

StevieW was written on June 3, 2002

Karen Totally Nude-finally!!

Karen Allen bares all after a brief ass scene in Animal House [which was nice but all too brief]. She has sex with her French boyfriend,then lies in bed face down,her very cute ass beautifully shown. Then she gets out of bed,a nice T&A shot,but the best scene is at the end when she takes a bath and her boyfriend pulls her out of the tub and her quite hairy pussy is revealed between her legs and then a nice full frontal shot,she looks amazing as I knew she would!! WOW!!!

jtinpdx was written on January 28, 2004

Sitting up

Anyone that has ever wondered what Indina Jones saw in Ms. Allen needs to watch this movie. I don't know if Indy ever got to see those tits, but we get to. The scene sitting up, walking to the chair, and in the bath, aer definately worth cracking your whip over

RichT was written on November 26, 2001

Bush in the bath

Karen IS a very attractive woman (especially with her cute freckles). She showed some of her great body in the classic comedy "National Lampoon's Animal House", but she is MORE generous in this movie. I don't recall the full details, but I'm almost certain you see ALL of her naked body, including a brief flash of her dark furry bush, when her French co-star lifts her out of the bath. I have a copy of this film somewhere, so I'll have to dig it out, and refresh my memory !

scanman was written on September 12, 2002

And now for the correct review of this movie.....

There's some nudity alright, but it's not as good as some of the other reviewers say. The first scene, the socalled sex scene, is very brief. We see Karen for a couple of seconds on het lover and get some side-views of her breasts. Later in the same scene we get a one or 2 second shot of her butt, but also from the side so not really that great. The second nude scene is when she's getting out of bed nude. It's probably the best scene. We get a very clear shot of her butt and very short breasts. But again it only lasts a couple of seconds. The last scene in the bathtub is a complete disappointment. When she's still in the bathtub, we get a close up....but her nipples are mostly covered with bubbles. When she get's out of the bathtub there might be a shot of some pubes, but I didn't see it. If it's there, it's for about 1/10th of a second. That's it.. nothing more. Only two stars from me!

TriviaMan was written on June 23, 2005

Getting Out of Bed

In addition to all the other descriptions of the scene when she gets out of bed nude if you look closely you can see a brief frontal shot reflected in the window.

soulman was written on September 12, 2002

Correct Review?

I didn't know that we had a correct reviewer on this site. DID ANYONE OUT THERE KNOW THAT WE HAD A CORRECT REVIEWER ON THIS SITE? I didn't think so.

soulman was written on October 23, 2001

For Karen Fan

I can't recall the details, but she does have her share of nude scenes in this film. Karen's a real cutie. If you're a fan of Karen, then you should check this film out. Not a bad film for a "chick flick".

Small Circle of Friends, A (1980)
Tunsa was written on January 9, 2002

breast shot after sex

A newer version of this movie is currently around with no nudity or sex shots, but the original had some sex scenes. The first is a shot where Karen is preparing a bath. She is wearing an open white shirt and you get some good views of her torso, hips, and the bottom of her breasts. Her boyfriend is watching and he decides it's time to take her. He creeps up from behind and starts rubbing her breasts. They end up on the floor, and after he gets up, her shirt is open and you see her right breast briefly. The second scene is part of a play where Karen and Shelly Long (from Cheers) are pretending to have sex in bed. Shelly plays a man, and you don't see any nudity here. Gave this 2 stars because Karen is really cute in this early movie and she rarely shows any skin.

Animal House (1978)
Cyclone was written on November 17, 2002

Very brief butt

Karen very briefly shows off her bare behind about 81 minutes into the movie. But within two seconds, her butt is covered, and the nudity is over. Hardly seems worth mentioning.

razvan@muiesteaua was written on March 30, 2002

1:21:30-after Mr. Belushi's character and 2 others cheer up Kent Dorfman, Boone goes over to her house. Exactly when he comes in, she walks towards the door intending to take off her T-shirt(which she doesn't do) and her butt is visible.

Men have asses, too, so ass nudity does not do it for me.

tazzie was written on March 7, 2000

quick ass shot

I gave this an extra star because Karen has sucha lovely behind. She is walking away from the camera (sadly) slipping on an overlarge top, andyou see her backside as does so.

NudeyDude was written on July 20, 2000

Nice short butt shot

A butt shot as she is putting her shirt on. She is such a hottie and has got such a great butt. Not just anyone can get three stars for a two second butt shot.

axl was written on June 26, 2000

quickie shot..

Karen is just finished making love with Donald Sutherland and she puts on a top while walking through the house..you get to see a quick shot of her ass as she does this.

Bevan was written on September 15, 2002

Momentary, eh.

A second and a half of a butt. BFD, unless you're an ass man.

StevieW was written on June 3, 2002

Nice ass even for this brief a scene!!

Though this scene lasts only a few seconds,Karen's cute ass saves it!! You see it in all its glory when she walks down the hall [obviously just woken up]and slips on a light blue t-shirt when her boyfriend Boone visits her. Even though this scene is very short you get a nice lingering shot of Karen's hiny,and is it nice looking!!

loneranger was written on January 24, 1999

scene where she is walking away from boone.

all she shows in this movie is her fine little ass.

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