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2001 Six Feet Under: Episode The Room 2 Reviews

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Six Feet Under: Episode The Room (2001)
Penis was written on October 30, 2001

Another jackass on this site

First of all, her name is Lauren Ambrose, not Ambroso. Second of all, if she's not nude THIS SHOULDN'T EVEN BE LISTED. Learn how the site works, jackass.

zzxx was written on October 30, 2001

Lauren Gets Felt Up

Even though there is no nudity involved this goregeous twenty-something hot babe has a makeout scene where her VERY lucky costar gets to give Lauren's amply endowed rack a work over. This guys hands cup and squeeze her tits to no end! She is wearning a very sexy, tight fitting blue top and she has a hot bod and great big tits. As her tits are being felt she is absolute delight. Lauren Ambroso is going to be a big star and this scene is amazing.

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