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Leila Arcieri's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2003 Wild Things 2 5 Reviews

nudity reviews for Leila Arcieri member submitted

Wild Things 2 (2003)
ff was written on October 15, 2004

ass crack

She takes off her shirt and you see her in a skimpy bikini top. You can see a bit of the side of her large breasts poping from the side of the bikini top. Then the takes it off and you see her body double`s breasts which is considerably smaller and they don`t even have the same skintone so this is definitely a double. then you see her bare back and wearing a small black panties in which her plumber`s crack is showing a bit.

FactNotFiction was written on January 1, 2012

It's Not Her So No Stars

Whilst someone (an unknown body double) does get her boobs out in this movie, it is definitely not Leila, as Leila has large boobs probably DD+ I would estimate, where as the body double used has much smaller boobs, I was surprised the film makers did not make more of an effort to match the double to the character as it is the most obvious use of a body double you will just about ever see. Having said that the boobs seen are on show for quite a few seconds and are quite nice.

BN80 was written on August 6, 2012

lame sex scene with body double

The body double used in this film has obviously smaller breasts than Leila and is thinner as well. One of the worst body doubles ever used on film and I am surprised the makers of such a cheap movie even bothered wasting money hiring a body double instead of just hiring an actress willing to do nudity in the first place. The movie itself is horrible too, so don't waste your time watching this.

Tassien was written on February 23, 2004


Body double! Her face and the breasts are never in the same scene. In fact, this is one of the more obvious use of body doubles I've seen. She wears a lot of skimpy clothes, but I thought I'd state for the record that she is not naked in this movie.

lilmzzdiva was written on September 10, 2004

stunt double

thats not even leila, thats a stunt double....

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