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2003 Manson Family, The 1 Review

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Manson Family, The (2003)
BushLeague was written on July 22, 2005

Hippie Love Ins

This is the unrated 2-dvd addition. I don't know what is in the "R" rated version, but I think the violence was probably edited more than the sex (which is non-explicit, except for a brief dildo pussy insertion scene on an editing bay moviola). This movie is shot "montage style" and it is difficult to identify people by name because scenes have apparently been shot 37 years apart. This girl plays "Sadie". She shows her 36D cup melons during a love-in sequence. Here round ass and tits during a beach fuck sequence (non-explicit). Bush, buns, and boobs during a stream skinny dipping sequence. More of same during a nude beach sequence. Tits and pubes when sitting down during a mirror sequence. Full frontal while fucking outdoors. She's totally naked again while participating in a Satan worship orgy. A fully clothed scene has some kind of fake fur over her crotch to simulate external pubic hair. During most love-in sequences, many other unidentified people are buck naked and/or screwing.

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