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year title
2000 Jailbait 1 Review
1993 Venus Hot Bodies Video Magazine 2 Reviews
1992 Bikini Summer II 3 Reviews
1992 Alien Intruder 1 Review
1991 Bikini Summer 5 Reviews

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Jailbait (2000)
Immy was written on May 8, 2005

Topless (0:44)

When cop C. Thomas Howell is searching rooms at a sex club to find Renée Humphrey he encounters a topless Melinda in a leather thong in one room. She puts the moves on him a little but he declines. Anyone who's seen the "Bikini Summer" movies knows Melinda's knockout body. Pity it's only seen briefly here.

Venus Hot Bodies Video Magazine (1993)
BushLeague was written on June 19, 2003

Her ranch

Parks her horse and strips out of flannel shirt and cut off jeans to bra and lacey thong panties. Gets on a blanket and takes off her bra to reveal symmetrical, round 36c milk hydrants with 1/2" pencil eraser nozzles. She turns over an shows her larger, firm, thonged ass.

BushLeague was written on June 19, 2003

Snapshot fashions bikini shoot

Swaps bikinis with three other models. She strips completely nude, and shows great tits from side and large moon pie ass. Pubes are hidden by leg.

Bikini Summer II (1992)
icebag2 was written on April 29, 2007

in the shower

Melinda was in Bikini Summer, but this is not a reprise of that role. She is now Vanessa, daughter of a real estate tycoon. We see her nude in the shower twice, but as said above, it is the same footage both times. Her breasts are firm and shapely. You'll like them. In a third nude scene she is getting in bed wearing only her thong panties, and sits up topless to get breakfast in bed. There is one shot of her from behind in a thong bikini, but her thighs and fanny aren’t as toned as they were in Bikini Summer. Get that movie to see her at her finest.

cecil was written on February 22, 2004

shower; in bed

The two shower scenes, already well described, appear about 6 and 52 minutes into the movie. After the second shower, we see her walk into her bedroom wearing a robe. She drops the robe and exposes her bare breasts as she climbs in bed. Suddenly it's the next morning, the maid walks in bringing breakfast, and we see a brief close up of her breasts as she sits in bed.

dougal was written on May 13, 1999

Shower Scene

Her best two scenes in this film are her soapy shower scenes. Lots of long, lingering, wet views of her sleek body.Of course, there is slight problem, in that they are both the same scene! They are played twice in the film, with mostly the identical shots in both!

Alien Intruder (1992)
BushLeague was written on November 22, 2002

Shower and topless scene

She walks in from the beach and a really skimpy french cut bikini that displays her very curvy torso and long legs. She then is in the shower and you can see her very round and firm protruding butt and she turns around a couple of times to show darkened pubes and firm natural looking casabas. Another half moon shot after she exits the shower. She is later shown laying topless on the beach, dead,in what what must be the most fuckable corpse ever put on celluoid.

Bikini Summer (1991)
Sorcerer was written on December 8, 1999

Skinny Dipping

The morning after a bad party, Melinda wakes up, takes off her clothes and jumps in the pool. A long scene, with full nudity and slow-motion. Not bad at all.

BushLeague was written on March 21, 2003

Thonged ass and swimming pool class

In a one-for-the-slo-mo shot, a guy "accidently" barges in on her while she is getting ready in the bathroom. Very brief shot of her firm looking thonged ass cheeks and 36d silicone chest slobber balls. She quickly covers up her tits. Side flash of left melon and bikini butt when he exits. Walking on beach, thonged glass smooth ass orbs go bumpity bump in great morning light. Another shot in afternoon light of full length rearitude as she walks toward ocean (I think she had some kind of implants between now and alien intruder). After party pool swim scene begins with her stripping out of a clingy white micro mini shift to thong white french cut panties and then nude. Topless and then full frontal from a medium distance shows her mondo chest appendages and her dark blonde pubes. Pubic triangle reflection in pool when she dives in. Slo-mo swim shows her bobbing like a cork to show her no-sag no-giggle thorax teasers and some butt and darkened pubes. She gets out of the pool and the camera pans and scans her taught body and muscular, trim legs. One shot has her spread her legs and show the hairy outline of pussy lips (very brief, need slo-mo on top of the slo-mo). Wiggly ass, chesticles, and trimmed pubes as she walks out of the pool. Then topless as she pushes the owner of the pool around. Almost too much ass and tits changing into a bikiki before a seltzer bottle fight. Darkened, tassled one piece ass shot as she walks away from some nerds. Bikini thonged butt during a darkened bikini contest.

Surge was written on December 10, 2000

Skinnydipping scene.

There is a skinnydipping scene near the end of the film which shows her removing her clothing and swim nude in a pool for a least a minute or two. During the scene you get to basically see every inch of her body and afterwards she argues with the man who owns the pool while she's still naked. The scene is well done with good lighting and many clear views. Highly recomended.

B-movienut was written on December 15, 2001

post party swim

Melinda Armstrong, the main character of the movie goes for a swim the morning after a party. She takes off her tight white mini skirt and her hite thong panties and jumps in the pool. The scene is scorchingly hot. It shows her swimming in slow motion under water and getting in and out of the pool. It is just an homage to her wonderfully gorgeous body. It shows her sitting alongside of the pool and also diving back in the water. You get to see every inch of her body, from her very round and perky breasts (erect nipples and all) to her very firm and tight butt right down to her muscular and goreous legs. The best shot though is when she is walking out of the pool. You get a full frontal shot which shows her wonderfully trimmed pubic area. Guaranteed arousal from this scene.

icebag2 was written on March 25, 2007

Beach and pool

An absolutely gorgeous woman, the star body of the film. On the strength of her nude scenes, you need to own it.
There’s a quick peek at her breasts at 7 minutes when she is interrupted primping in the bathroom wearing only white thong panties. At 17:45 we see her from behind in a thong bathing suit as she walks, ass and legs roiling, toward a muscle man. Six minutes later, she bumps into some geeks and we see a full frame shot of her ass, bent over, with a little bit of white bikini covering her, ah, thingy. Then she walks away grinding those hips and loins again.
Her big scene is from 35 to 39 minutes. She wakes up on a chaise lounge the morning after a party, slips off her tight white dress, and panties, and goes swimming. We see everything, repeatedly. This is gratuitous nudity at its finest. After she gets out of the pool she is still topless as she pushes around the homeowner because she thinks he’s a letch. Who wouldn’t be?
She and Shelley strip to put on thong bikinis in the kitchen at 49 minutes and get into a seltzer bottle fight with the bikini designer. Midway through the fight, her bikini top comes off.
Three minutes later we see her butt while wearing a delicious unikini.
She is in the bikini contest showing her butt at about 62 minutes.
The swimming poll scene reprises at 1h 17:30, and ends with her walking out of the pool. We get a stunning full frontal view of a fabulously toned and ideally proportioned nude body. Hit the pause button so you can enjoy the view while you pull your jaw off the floor.

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