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Monique Alexander's Sexy Filmography

Movies this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 No Tell Motel 1 Review
2004 Tomb of the Werewolf 0 Reviews
2004 National Lampoon's Lost Reality 0 Reviews
2003 Sex Spa, The 1 Review
2003 Behind Bedroom Doors 1 Review
2002 Spider's Web 2 Reviews

Monique Alexander's Sexy TV Shows

TV Shows this celebrity has appeared sexy or nude in...

year title
2005 Sex Games Cancun 2 Reviews
2002 Hotel Erotica 1 Review
2002 Best Sex Ever, The 3 Reviews

nudity reviews for Monique Alexander member submitted

Sex Games Cancun (2005)
McKinnon was written on March 10, 2012

Various; ep: Palm Job

In a psychic vision, Monique sees her top being lifted up, her breasts groped. Later, she has a vision of herself on a veranda, with a man, with a well lit, full frontal view. Finally she's in a living room, in a chair, in a skirt, as a man kisses and pleasures her. Some scenes on her side, again with a close look at her pubic area, and finally, some scenes when she's riding him. Hot scenes, nice chemistry.

McKinnon was written on March 10, 2012

One more

Forgot this - at the start of the episode, she strips naked to audition for a role. The camera pans up and down her breasts and pussy.

Hotel Erotica (2002)
McKinnon was written on June 15, 2011

In and outdoors; episode: Maid Service

Pretty, blonde Monique is the lead in this episode. In an outdoor scene, she fantasizes about her love interest; she's fully naked, but is kneeling in a way that somewhat obscures her lower half. Then she's riding him. Later in the episode they are on a bed; she's seen from the side, still in her panties, as he plays with her small, firm breasts. Then she rides him again. Not the best shots.

Best Sex Ever, The (2002)
dpph was written on June 26, 2003

Episode "Boy Toy"

Simply gorgeous. I just love the way this girl looks. There's a wholesome quality to her, even with the silicone.

Anyway, the other reviewer covered (or perhaps uncovered) her scenes well. Unfortunately all the shots from below the waist were a little quick at times, but in the end she really shows everything off.

Chicago was written on April 23, 2003

1 scene in "Heart's On Fire"

At :02:18-:04:30 in this episode, blonde Monique plays the first of the guy's sexual encounters. While both are in the kitchen, the guy picks her up, puts her on the island and removes her top revealing her well-tanned body before kissing her breasts. He simu-orals her bringing good moans before standing and doing her...breasts and ass seen.

Chazz was written on June 4, 2003

"Boy Toy" episode

This is the attractive blonde (who has definitely had some work, but she didn't get carried away, thank God) who is trying to learn how to be more sexually active.

At first, she pleasures herself in the bathtub while fatasizing about her roommate and the roommate's boyfriend.

About two minutes or so later, after the boyfriend accidentally walks in on her, the two of them do it on the living room sofa.

Near the end of the episode, all three tenents go at it on the very same sofa.

Finally, the next morning, Monique just walks around her apartment naked--nothing wrong with that!


No Tell Motel (2005)
McKinnon was written on January 24, 2012


Monique plays the Janet Leigh role and appears in every scene for her time onscreen. She starts off with a bang, as Sean Jeurgens is on top of her, then she begins riding him. This lasts for about 5 minutes. At about :7 she begins an f/f encounter with Ashley Steele, stripping her before removing her own bra. She kisses Ashley's breasts, goes down on her. There's a quick closeup of her dark landing strip as she takes off her skirt. Steele goes between her legs, and they begin scissoring, again kissing each other's breasts. Most of this has closeups of their faces. The scene ends at about 11 minutes. She splits with the cash and at about 16 minutes, has sex in exchange for a car, sitting on Kevin Patrick's lap before riding him. She starts vibrating like a jackhammer in quite a memorable scene. It ends at about 18 minutes, and there's a full frontal as she puts her skirt on. Next she meets Norman Bates' hotter sister, and, in another "twist" to the original, they have sex. Kelle Marie lowers Monique's top and kisses and licks her right breast in closeup. Marie begins simulating fingering, then strips, and Monique kisses and licks around her lower half. This goes on from about :27-:30. Monique is spied on as she strips in her bathroom (taking off her bra in closeup) and she steps into her shower (close up of her ass, then breasts, and some quick side and front views of her snatch). The scene turns grisly and ends at about :32.

Tomb of the Werewolf (2004)
National Lampoon's Lost Reality (2004)
Sex Spa, The (2003)
rbelkin was written on December 23, 2006

Completely Nude Before the Credits Are Finished - Excellent!

An all-star cast featuring Julie Kruis, Chloe and Monique Alexander. For a movie called SEX SPA, apparently they couldn't afford an actual spa so it mostly takes place in a world where beefy guys give gorgeous women massages in their palatial homes but since the cast (well, at least the women) are all babes, who cares.

Monique is basically naked and getting a massage before the credits finish rolling so you know it's a great one. Her masseuse is a normal guy - after 5 seconds, he can't help but his head between her legs. She is completely nude but they are discreet about any details below the waist so while you catch glimpses of her shaved area, you see no details. They start on the massage table and move to the bed - about a 5 minute scene.

A few minutes later, she decides to take a nice bath - don't worry, no pesky bubbles so we see her disrobe and enter the tub. She lays there topless - maybe a total of a minute here. The "killer" enters and begins to strangle her but nicely off to the side so we still see her perfect breasts and her legs kicking in the water - again, no details below the waist.

As CHLOE, the cop arrives - we get another few seconds of her - now dead - but still very much topless. They don't bother to even put stragulation marks on her neck - hey, why mess with perfection? :-)

Behind Bedroom Doors (2003)
OneMoreReviewer was written on June 16, 2004

Petite with long blond hair

Monique plays the girlfriend of Brook's character. Her first scene is with Brook as the neighbour spies on them while they have sex on a massage bed in their lounge. Scene duration 3:45. Her last scene involves her doing some girl-guy-girl action with brook once again. Scene duration 4:45. Note; she's credited as Monique Alezander.

Spider's Web (2002)
Squinsen was written on May 28, 2003

Office sex

Monique is having sex in an office building while being recorded from across the street. All seen through a window with a bit of distortion. There is a great shot of her perky tits and if you look closely enough, you will her her semi shaved bush

chazpanther was written on December 8, 2002

Sex in window

:39 Monique is having sex in awindow with aman as Kari watches from the next building. She shows her perky breast and small hard nipples off very nicely.

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