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2000 Honest 4 Reviews

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Honest (2000)
slavedriver was written on August 13, 2002

And now a dose of reality....

So many people have the tendency to rate the beauty of the girl instead of the quality of the nudity (which is what this site calls for!). I believe that Natalie has just about the nicest rack I have ever seen...unfortunately it's only on display for a couple seconds as she prepares to be banged against the wall. A real shame, because she has the most perfectly symmetrical, round pair of tits. The sex scene is brief as wel, but she does some serious thrashing about, hitting the guy and such...wild, but not great. As far as her ass shot goes, we don't see her entire ass, but she pulls her pants down to just below the top of her ass to show her tattoo.
And that's the final word.

Gordon was written on May 18, 2001

Sex against a wall

Natalie and a guy are outside (in an alley or something) when they get in the mood, so he rips her leather jacket open to reveal her really large, attractive rack. They go at it right then and there. Natalie's plays a bit of a sleazy biker type girl, so this entirely in character.

Gordon was written on May 18, 2001

Taking pants off

Natalie is seen already topless from the back with all sorts off tatoos on her back. She removes her pants, revealing her great ass.

Biko was written on July 5, 2000

Breasts revealed

Natalie's character in this film is the kind of girls who have sex with greasy bikers.
In a scene she makes love against a wall and rip open her jacket revealing her great breasts.
Very good scene indeed.

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