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1991 Bikini Summer 2 Reviews

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Bikini Summer (1991)
icebag2 was written on March 25, 2007

Alone in the club

Rachel Greene, lady DA, foiled in her attempt to close down the bikini and beer joint, sneaks back into the club’s dressing room at 1h 20 after everyone has left. She speaks. We listen: “OK. Standing in front of the mirror here, let’s take off the glasses and unpin the frizzy hair, that’s a little better, take off the jacket, let’s lose the blouse and bra. Nice bazookas! Might as well get rid of the dress and panties, too, and walk butt naked back here to the clothes rack and put on this unikini. One more check in the mirror! Wow! Hot mama!. I wonder what it’s like on stage. So what there’s no one here. I’ll strut out there, take a turn to flash my ass to the crowd just like the real girls do. Golly! No more uptight business suits for me. It’s bikinis forever! Where’s the beach?!”

BushLeague was written on March 21, 2003

Changing into a bikini

Kind of like 2+1/2 stars, but the scene is brief and she is not that hot in the face. She removes her blouse and bra to show some round, no-sag 34-c silicone chest melons. She then turns away from the mirror and shows half of her butt cracked ass in darkened light (but you can make it out just the same, with a side flash of her left tit visible thru her underarm pit.

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