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2007 Silk 2 Reviews

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Silk (2007)
rbelkin was written on June 14, 2008

Brief Topless Scene

She really only has one brief topless scene - as she in the hot springs, she turns and you get a brightly lit daylight view of her A.B cups before she disappears under the water. She is cut as a button though.

The regular Mr. Skin review is incorrect. She is confused with the geisha/concubine actresses who does the FFN in the sex scene. Sei, unfortunately only has the short scene in the hot springs.

BMac was written on June 14, 2008

Tiny, wet

This is quite the movie for those who like flat-chested girls and/or retro Orientalism. Playing an obscure object of desire, little Sei Ashina has a topless scene at 53:25. Sei is standing in a hot spring, and her tiny boobies are clearly seen in good light for six seconds as she faces the camera. Ashina's unimpressive breasts are about 31 A-cup, but her one topless scene is clearer than all of Keira Knightley's put together.

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