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1975 Wide Open 1 Review
1974 Swedish Wildcats 1 Review

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Wide Open (1975)
sky_blue_waters was written on March 6, 2009


003:14 **** Breasts, Buns, and Bush when she walks into a room nude. An old drunk picks her up and spins her around with her draped over his shoulder. Nice boob and butt views, especially when he stops to argue with his son. The drunk sets her down and she stands in a corner, butt toward us. Close up of breasts and more buns as her boyfriend heads off to work.

1:10:45 ** Ultra close shot of her bra as her lover opens it and releases her lovely breasts.

Nude while roling around on the bed making love. A couple nice profile shots as she lays naked and day dreaming.

Swedish Wildcats (1974)
sky_blue_waters was written on July 10, 2007

Lovely Breasts Natural Redhead

Solveig appears in most of Cia's nude scenes, these are some additional notes.

08:39 ** walking toward camera and her negligee opens, showing bush for a second.

20:53-21:00 *** Shown full frontal nude in mirror 3 stars because it is so quick. Walks away from the mirror, giving us nice rear shot.

21:35-21:40 *** profile as she sits on bed, nice boob shot

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