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2007 Radio Corazón 1 Review
2001 Te amo 2 Reviews

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Radio Corazón (2007)
taurus was written on November 4, 2008


At 1:27 the dude pulls down her top to expose her right tit, kisses it, and pulls her back on the bed kissing her. Then abruptly calls it off and exits. She sits up showing her right tit again.

Te amo (2001)
Chicago was written on September 6, 2002

4 scenes

As she’s trying to cling to her boyfriend at :18.5-:21.5, naked Tamara springs out of bed after him—breasts seen from medium distance. As she walks to the door to get him a smoke, her ass is seen then a full frontal when she turns to smile…small breasts and dark pubes; when she returns, she steps over him (ass), gets into bed, and then she sits up in bed, giving a much better look at her young breasts as she proceeds to yell at him. At :28.75-:29.5, Tamara is dancing and stripping to Latina music on a video recorder…breasts as she takes off her top and they fight. At :50.25-:51, a girl watches a repeat of the same scene on the video…breasts from medium distance. At 1:19.5, when clamoring to kiss the guy from behind him, he pulls away and her breasts are seen for 10 sec. from behind him as friends jump through the window before she puts on her top.

Ozzie700 was written on August 19, 2002

Psycho flashes everything

Tamara is an exotic beauty who looks somewhat like a younger Sonia Braga. Her character (who, not to give too many spoilers away, behaves like a Chilian Mary Kay LeTorneau) gets out of a bed at around 15 to 20 minutes into the film. You can see her butt, then she turns around to show her dark, slightly trimmed bush, and her small breasts. Then she comes back a moment later and you can see her butt and breasts again. There are a few other miniscule glimpses of her chest peeking out from under a pillow after a striptease, and again in bed days later, but she mainly just has the one nudity scene.

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